MH752 vs HD598 for gaming?

I currently own the MH752’s and noticed someone selling the HD598’s for a decent price… would this be an upgrade, side grade or downgrade in your opinion? I find the MH752’s are very comfortable and light but the soundstage / directional imaging is a little off… looking for something that would perform better for footstep/sound locations etc. Would the HD598’s do the trick or should i just wait and save for a larger upgrade?


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I misread the Senn you saw. I have the HD599se and while I dont game anymore I do enjoy them for music. my understanding is the 599 are very similar to the 598 to the point they’re not really indistinguishable from each other. the se denotes the model of the 599 that was an Amazon exclusive.

thar said, the HE-4xx are often recommended for inexpensive gaming headphones…as are the HD58x, so keep a watch out for both of those.

Never tried the MH752’s, but I can tell you that I’ve been using the HD598’s as the main & only gaming headphones for the past 6 years or so. They do wonders, I’m always able to hear sounds other people cannot hear on games like CS:GO.

Definitely an amazing headphone, and if you can get them for a good price, I’d say make the purchase without a second thought.

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I mean comparing a rebranded Takstar Pro 82 tuned for gaming to a one of the well known brands of audio that is also German-made? It’s safe to say that is an upgrade. I mean if you can get one as you said for the decent price, then pull the trigger.

I hope you have a desk mic or a modmic for the HD598s, since they don’t have a mic in the first place.

that would be more along the lines of an upgrade but primarily due to the differences between an open back vs closed back. 598s have better staging and a more 3d encompassing sound that goes around the head while the mh752 is closed which centralizes the sound to the center of your head while both image well the encompassing sound of an open back will usually always be better in like every case scenario. Closed backs are mainly used though for their isolation really the only reason behind that for gaming. Closed backs also will have a heavier bass presence which can cloud things in competitive games but not so much in the case of mh7 over there.

Though the differences are relatively negligible and will of course depend on the game… not to mention the 598 over there is more demanding than the headset mh752 so you could run into potential amp issues. 598 is well known to place things well and the soundstage is around the average of an open back… it checks all the boxes but is your jack of all trades master of none type of headphone. I would honestly just say wait it out and do a full upgrade get yourself a full on setup if you want the best results.

Though if your not willing to shell out like… $200 ish for the amp setup and then another $200 for a set of cans then something like the 598 or 58x jubilee is a good choice as long as you have the power for them. would not recommend ampless on something such as console for these headphones but there are several motherboards that can drive these ampless just fine