Mh752 vs shp9500

Hello, I have trouble deciding which of these two to buy, i would like to hear your thoughts.

mh752 vs shp9500

Personally my preference leans towards the mh752, what do you plan on using them for?

for gaming, but i know that the mh752 are very comfortable but, they say that the shp9500 have more quality of audio.

I actually prefer the sound quality of the 751 as imo it’s actually a more refined sounding signature, the shps do have a bit more detail, but imo it’s not worth it because of it’s unrefined sound signature and a not really pleasant sound

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while the shps may have moore detail retrieval and actually may perform better in games in terms of overall enjoyment the 9500s can sound harsh and not very forgiving. while the mh 752s have the ability to sound rather fun.

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Thank you very much, I have been looking for headphones for gaming and don’t really know what to buy because i was looking for the dt 990 pro but with out using an amp and if you can recomend me some headphones for fps like valorant, warzone etc.

What type of budget are you working with here?

like 180 or 170 dollars

Does it need to be closed or open?

if you can recommend me both it will be great

I think in that budget you might be able to snag a dt990 250 ohm and a fx audio dac x6 and be just fine, and in the future you might be able to grab a nicer amp

For closed, you could get the k371 and be fine without an amp imo


thank you very much the only problem with the dt990 is that in my country their price online is like 200 dllrs only the headphones.

the 58x is also a good mention doesn trequire an amp and pretty excellent for gaming

Ah, where are you located?

what is the pricin g of the hd 599 in your country?

133 on amazon

in mexico, on amazon their price is like 257

then that would be my pick. for closed backs the sivga 006 are back ins tiock I would maybe go for that as well as the k371

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I agree with rice here, that’s really expensive, so something like the aforementioned cans would be nice

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thank you very much and im sorry to bother you asking you things , but the k371 is like 230 dollars