Mic Noise Test - Hardware Canucks

I found this interesting. I thought some people might appreciate it.

After the 12sec mark my brain was “why and it does not really matter…”
At 7:30mark “really does not matter”

yeah… i thought and knew the same thing right at the start.

I’m sure lots of people feel that way. I stress about little things like this for some reason… Probably why I’m here digging into amps and dacs and headphones…

Quite a few amount of annoyances I have heard… not just this kind of static but also a rather higher pitch ringing when the mic kicks in while they are talking. Other times are rather annoying as someone decides to stream using a improperly placed condensor mic in a louder environment so you hear like everything in their background like their keyboard or controller. Proper audio quality and overall placement of the mic itself is ideal for streamers in gaming imo. Removing annoyances with good audio quality makes it more enjoyable for someone like me when I watch a stream.