Micca MB42X Bookshelf

I went with 2 Micca MB42Xs and a topping MX3 on my computer desktop and sounds Pretty GOOD. They put out more bass than you would expect from a 4 inch bookshelf at Nearfield listening. For Hip Hop/Rap you would still want a sub woofer but rock n country there is enough bass.
Recorded on IPhone so you you can’t Hear the Sound Quality

For Quiet Listening volume is 16-18. Normal listening 24-30, Jamming 44-50. Room is 14x18 but Open to the kitchen on 1 long side with only a bar separating them. Fills Room(s) Pretty Well at 50. Volume goes to 100 - at 60 my Wife (in Next Room) was getting Pissy…haven’t gone past 60…,MX3 has Bass and Treble Controls - I like Bass +2 and Treble + 4-6 depending on the Music.


Sounds Pretty Damn Good for Budget Gear… Iphone recording doesn’t do it Justice…

Just got a 2nd pair today for Rear Surrounds On 5.1. Running 3 Micca MB42XCs for R/C/L

I’m a fan, even though I’m working on upgrading. The MB42x do a thing that I really like and that I associate with audiophile-grade gear: The sound doesn’t seem to come from the speakers. Rather, it presents itself at various locations between the speakers, with singers or soloists dead center, as if it were coming from behind my laptop screen.

I admit to having been content until I got some RB42, which have a fuller sound thanks to the bass. But otherwise I wouldn’t have felt the MB42x were lacking.