Micca origain died, should i replace with new model or just another one

Hi, so while upgrading my computer dac to the topping e30 and moving wires around, my micca origain got messed up. the right side of rca ports now constantly make a loud pop sound at a constant interval. and i did try trouble shooting with same cables at different port, tried cleaning out with compressed air and then just replaced unit with back up smsl amp that I had and only the last one worked. I also did find on internet others with same issue and micca saying to return to amazon.
So with that all figured out I am writing to ask if there is any speaker amps that others would recommend. I do love the micca origain that I had ( it was the less powerful 80 dollar one) and if not much better then I would probably just rebuy it. But if there is some thing newer to consider at that foot print or that clean I would love the recommendations to look at and consider them. I would use it for music and games ( no mic needed since mostly single player games)

Aiyima A07 got a good review from ASR. Been looking at their stuff since loxjie A30 is out of stock.

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The 300 w looks hella overkill honestly since for a desk top but will def consider it or maybe its smaller counterpart. what is ASR by the way so i can take a look?

Audio Science Review


controversial group but its another tool in the tool box to choose the right gear for your tastes.

For sure, like anything in the audio world, take everything with a grain of salt…and educate yourself as you go