Micca RB 42 amp

The micca RB 42 is now available in Canada and it’s time for me to pounce and grab one I know nothing about powering these. I currently have a d10 hooked up to a liquid spark and I was hoping to get a budget speaker amp and run out of the line out on the liquid spark any ideas. If possible something on amazon.ca please so I can have them on the same order

Topping PA3? https://www.amazon.ca/Dilvpoetry-Topping-Desktop-Amplifier-TDA7498E/dp/B073QGNCM7/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?keywords=topping+pa3&qid=1565702743&s=gateway&sr=8-2

That should be enough power for a desk, but I’ve heard that they can be quite power hungry for a room

they are just for my desk. the only thing on my setup that is really suffering is my speakers I run a old logitech speaker which oddly enough sounds half decent not for their original asking price but just takes up a ton of room as it’s a 5.1 setup I just want to go to 2 or a 2.1

The topping is a good choice then. The smsl ad18 is also a good choice (but I like the topping sound a bit better) if you want lots of features in a small package and a subwoofer out

what about the cheapr loxjie A10 how does that compare?

actually nev the A10’s ability to have 2inoputs might make it the winner I need something for my alexa too.

I thought the a10 only had one input? That’s the main reason why I don’t recommend it. I prefer at least 2 inputs

nope I meanbty the topping not the a10 oops sorry yeah you right

Not sure if you’ve already pulled the trigger, but those speakers are capable of 100 watts per channel. I went with the SMSL SA-98E (160 watts). I’d rather go overpowered than under, and it leaves me a little room for future-proofing.