Micca RB42 for $99 - (Amazon Renewed)

just saw that the rb42’s were going for $99 on amazon right now if you are okay with buying renewed

currently only 4 left in stock :thinking: should u pull the trigger?

also what is a good sub to match these?

Not sure of a good sub to match, but they are def worth it for even their stanard price. IMO they dont really NEED a sub. I think their low end is one of the main reasons people like them.

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i want a really good 2.1 setup and already have the mica rb42x so considering these… waiting for after cyber monday

What’s a good amp for these? I’m about to buy them and I’ve never had passives before

Was eyeballing the SMSL SA 100, but I know these are a bit inefficient. I’m gonna use them in a medium size room

IMO, you might run into issues with that one. I currently use the SA-98e, but it’s probably more than necessary at 160w per channel. I think the SMSL AD18 might be a really good option. 80 Watts per channel and it has a sub-out you can use in the future. AD18 has a built in DAC and remote control too.

I think the topping pa3 is a good choice too

Nice suggestion! I forgot that had a remote, I always thought of it as a desktop all in one type of unit