Micca RB42 popping/slapping sound

I guess I’m kind of a giant noob when it comes to this stuff. I bought a receiver and a pair of rb42’s. They’re broken in and today when i turned them up pretty loud (louder than I normally listen), they started making a very loud popping sound. Almost like the speaker was going to explode. I’ve never heard this before.

The reciever is a Yamaha TX-V383 and it should only be about 110 watts rms. Could I just be pushing too much power?

PS: I have checked and rechecked, and even redid connections. Wiring is fine.

Could be a couple of things I could think of (Not an expert). Either your speakers are bottoming out (Hitting the maximum limit of the driver), or your amp is maxing out. Are your speakers making the noise constantly now? Or just at really loud volumes.

Only at really loud volumes. I believe my amp
puts out more power than the speaker can handle. Though according to the receiver, it’s only about 72db but that could be wrong.

Sounds like the amp is clipping to me. The RB42 are not efficient at all so getting them loud needs a lot of power.

I wouldn’t worry about it for normal listening, just avoid using the amp for parties and stuff. Drunk people have bad hearing.

Does it happen with different type of music as well or more in a bassy songs.
coming from both speakers?

Every ones keeps saying RB42 can take a beating? I’m not so sure since beating can mean many things.
Could be the amp as well. if it’s trying to put out the “all” power but cannot so it’s overdriving the speakers. More power helps control but unless you have more than enough like 350w etc, still with same song, same levels of volume. Can’t be sure.
If you can try with different amp, should help troubleshooting.

i do not think the pairing works very good. the rb’s get low on resistance. not many avr’s are designed for a 4ohm load. the poping is more then likely your receiver trying to give a lot of juice at a lower impedance then it can handle.

edit: thats why it pops at high volume. about any amp can handle any ohm load at very low power. its when u try to crank it up that it has issues if its an impedance it cannot handle.

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