▶ Micca RB42

You UK guys aren’t into Wharfedale.?

Does the AD18 drive them well then?

Just an FYI they are now back in stock on amazon.

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Indeed, i kept refreshing everyday. Powering these with the SA-98e for sure. Don’t think the AD18 is powerful enough.

the sa-98e is sold out ;-( good thing I ordered one yesterday

I just order my 2nd pair. I am going use the 2nd set with this amp to see if if works.
TDA7498E 2 Channel Stereo Audio Amplifier Receiver Mini Hi-Fi Class D Integrated Amp for Home Speakers 160W x 2 + 24V Power Supply


I had a lower watt model and if sounded good. Plus Z review a different model and he like it. So this model should be good also.

I literally just ordered the last one that’s in the US. Hahaha hopefully the seller isn’t a scam.

Let us know how well it runs.

Plenty for my application…a fun/cheap/tertiary setup for a bedroom.

Sure the SA-98e has more power but it has several deal breakers…a single RCA input, no remote, no optical.

I got obsessed with finding the perfect small/powerful amp but then I realized that, yes the RB42s are impressive (for their size) and the quality/price ratio is great, but no amount of power is going to correct their limitations.

That’s why I went with the AD18, it has plenty of power for a bedroom setup and has the additional inputs/remote…it just seem more practical. Again, I love these little speakers, but ultimately, they’re just that…small speakers.

Yeah, I suppose it depends on the needs. I am using the SU-8 RCA output into the SA-98e, the XLR output into the THX 789. I’m using it for the bedroom/desktop too.

I just bought these and a Yamaha R-S202 Stereo Receiver for a new tv/bedroom setup. Looking forward to hearing these speakers.

That’s how I’m powering mine, but I’m in an apartment and not trying to get a noise complaint.

Okay i need some advice.

My buddy recently asked me to put together a speaker setup for his desk, I was thinking between these or the Sony SSCS5… the budget is $250 and I’m gonna need to get him an amp/dac to run them as well. I recently talked him into grabbing a pair of 58X Jubilee’s which he has been running off his motherboard, so i would like to get him a unit that has a headphone out.

I was thinking on a Topping MX3 to do all this… not sure if that would be enough to power these or the sony’s or if there is a better option for around the same money. any input is appreciated.

I can’t comment on the Topping MX3 – I use an SMSL SA-98E amp + Enog 2 Pro dac. But I auditioned both the Sony SSCS5 and the Micca RB42 and sent the Sony pair back. The Sony’s treble is indeed impressive, but the lack of bass makes them pretty lopsided. I’d go with the RB42’s if you can swing the price. They’re able to fill a room no problem and have excellent construction at the price point (3/4" MDF).

Basically what Zeos said. The MB42’s are hard to beat at this price.

Yeah I’m pretty sold on the Micca RB42 at this point in time, The SSCS5 were what I was going with before the Micca’s came back in stock this afternoon.

I’m just worried about the power situation, I’ve heard they are really inefficient so I’m wondering if the 50x2 on the MX3 is going to be enough to drive them. I mean it’s gonna be a desk setup in nearfield… surely that will be enough for his purposes. Not like I’m trying to fill a big ass living room, it’s a small bedroom.

Regarding power, eh it depends? The biggest question is whether the MX3 can run them to listenable levels at a seated position without distortion. You won’t be able to tell until you actually plug in the system. Overall the MX3 is a lackluster solution. It’s not a good DAC. It’s not a good amp. On amazon there’s complaints of quality problems.

$250 is a tight budget with the RB42’s. Anyone in this forum will just tell you to throw more money at the solution, but hey we all have budgets.

To get you home with DAC, amp, and RB42’s I’d maybe fuck with:
RB42’s - $130
Fosi Audio Q5 DAC/headphone amp - $70. Nobody has talked about it, but it gets 5 stars on amazon and Fakespot gives it an A for review quality (low deception/fraud).
SMSL SA-98E - $114
Total: $315 not including tax.

Then if your friend wants to move up to a better dac and headphone amp later, he can get a JDS Labs Atom for $100 and an OL DAC for $100 (or Topping D30 for $120).

Just my thoughts. If $250 is a hard limit, just buy the MX3 with Amazon Prime, and return it if it doesn’t work. See how loud it gets at half its max gain. Usually you’ll get distortion beyond 50-60% gain. If it’s loud at 50% it’ll be adequate for the speakers. If you have an iOS device, use the NIOSH SPL meter app to calibrate the speakers to ~70dB at desk listening position. Any louder risks hearing damage with long listening sessions. This helps you gauge how much power you need the MX3 to push.

Based on what I know is out there, the “best of budget” solution for desk/small room listening is in the $400-600 range. If all components are separates, it might look like:

JDS Labs Atom headphone amp- $100
Micca RB42 speakers - $130
SMSL SA-98 speaker amp - $115 (just my experience having bought two).
JDS Labs OL Dac ($100), Topping D30 ($120), or Geshelli Enog 2 Pro ($180, maybe end game worthy)

$445-525 before tax. I’m not telling you to go out and buy this setup. But if your friend wants to upgrade, this is a very respectable endpoint before price:performance rolls off.

Hope that wasn’t too long and off topic.


My friend is pretty firm on his budget at $250, but you know what? you are right.

He has a birthday coming up anyways, I’m just gonna eat the extra cost of the setup you linked and give him a early birthday present, thanks for your help!

Oh my, you’re quite the good friend. You’ll need cables.

I like these Cable Matters banana clips to run between speakers and amp, and these Seismic Audio 1 foot RCA’s for the DAC to headphone amp to speaker amp.

Also, which setup? The first or second?

the first. I’m a good friend, not that good of a friend though… haha