Micro sound system

I have had these speakers since about 2012 or so and I gave them away to a family member for a few years when it started to malfunction with certain button presses. I realise after getting it back recently that I missed the sound of this system so much. This is after getting more expensive gear and yet none of it matched what I got from these. Does anyone know or have info on the tuning of the speakers and what I could look for that would be similar tuned? I’m just worried about these speaker’s longevity due to its age now and the buttons are malfunctioning.

I don’t have a huge living space and so I think that’s why it suits me best because any speakers with a sub or more than even 30 watt rms I tend to worry about my neighbours hearing the music and being a nuisance. Something about these two 10 watt rms speak ears and their tuning seems to work perfectly for low volume and moderate volume listening without me being worried about bothering my neighbours. I wonder if it has something to do with the lack of sub bass but also it has really good mids and highs and sounds like the two speakers are balanced so sounds feel like they float in space and have a lot of space even with busy music. Not sure if I’m explaining well but yeah that’s how it feels😅

Had a gut feeling that the system probably had tiny tweeter and some ported midrange/bass driver and that might be the case.
Picture of similar Philips system with the tweeter visible but shows little behind the mesh. Few similar micro system were in that era with similar design and tech.

The system you had with full mesh most likely uses similar “design” and tech also.

Since the system uses pre-sound tuned settings. Normal, Pop, Rock, Disco etc and the tuning was all digital its nearly impossible to say how “how was the tuning”.

As in audio terms. Most likely not very “hi-fi” but as for the current Gen systems, more in the “portable” area are the current Generations “micro systems”.

They have few tweeters and one or two midrange-bass drivers or even separate bass driver that deliver very “clear” sound for vocals and midrange but might have “boomy” type bass.
Still not being detailed in any way.

Like this Denon 250.

Since most of these systems are also fully digital and some can be tuned. Even the source players can change the sound char. so the sound profile will change and probably will not match the previous Philips systems in any way.

But if you find a current gen’s audio device and sound you like. That might be the best bet.

Well these systems are not designed to last so 8 years or more is pretty good.

Micro or small systems like this one with actual speaker and amplifier/source unit. Might even last longer but even then the remote controls are pretty bad might worn out.

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Thanks for the response, yeah it looks like it has two speakers on either side, a larger one for bass and miss and a tweeter for highs. So it does look like it fits the design you shared.

I understand the world’s interest in moving into portable but it feels like these micro systems with FM radio have been neglected and not developed further due to lack of interest.

These seem to not have the muddy and overpowering bass with as scooped mids as most portable speakers do these days (I agree, details wise I may be over exaggerating). I think it’s my obsession with finding something that fits different sized rooms as I’ve gone through a bunch of systems and speaker types and found this was my favourite for all purpose use in my apartment. It could get to the right volume for when I slept to just have the radio on in the background and then hook up to the laptop or tv to use for tv audio and then be able to put the volume up to jam a bit without worrying about neighbours for bass levels.

That Sony system you shared seems good, unfortunately not available in my country, only things available in South Africa are models from Aiwa and Orion. The reviews don’t seem good for them.

Ruark still do some with their R range…

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There probably are few online stores that sell the current generation micro systems.
This was found in just minutes “audio micro system south africa”


There probably are more.

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Thanks, i like the style, will check them out.

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Thanks, I’ve checked them out, will keep an eye on there site.