Microphone advice?

Don’t you need a mic booster and an audio interface though for a dynamic microphone?

No, would will be just fine, the um2 is your mic preamp + your audio interface if you go with the sm48lc

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amazons horridly expensive on this stuff @M0N got a recommendation for a site to use thats on the cheaper side? They literally are pricing the um2 at $99 right now even. I thought to use Thomann but wasnt sure if there was some good alternatives here.

So they are pretty much universally out of stock like everywhere lol, they currently are most likely not making them atm due to the factories shut down, and then also most likely also a spike in demand as people get mic setups either for work or fun

So, I was looking into mics… and I saw a microphone called TBone MB75 another dynamic and it sounded pretty good… supposedly better then Shure sm57. Wanted to know your opinion on if you knew any information especially compared to the sm48 as tbone is currently like $30… Yeah I am currently digging around for a website to use to purchase this… Might have to go thomann though since it seems to be the cheapest alternative… which is rather obnoxious but I will take what I get. I suppose my other question would be about the UM2 as I know nothing about it. How future proof would you say this thing is? Would it be good for a much higher quality microphone? Like in the $150 range so if I wanted to upgrade I could?

So imo they are fairly similar, but the sm57 does edge the tbone out in terms of clarity and fidelity, but they do share a similar signature and the tbone is a better value than the sm57, but these are mainly instrument mics. They of course can also be used for voice and would sound pretty fine, but it would depend on what you want yourself to sound like

I think so, imo a scarlett solo is an upgrade but the um2 is solid for the price. I think you would be just fine going for a mic in the 100 ish range with the um2, but if you go past the 200 point I would upgrade interface (but I wouldn’t suggest spending more than 200 on a mic in your case anyways)

ideally, crystal clear vocalization but it’s only for general chatting nothing special so I would like to cut as much on the budget as possible if theres a cheaper option. As only one store seems to be selling t bone which shipping is horendous so we can skip that. If there is a cheaper alternative to the sm57 that still has great vocalization I am all ears… looking like no matter what if I go audio interface I am looking easily over $120

I mean here is the thing, if you are after the most clarity you would want a condenser, but that’s not going to work well in your setup imo, so it would end up being a dynamic mic. I think something like the akg d5 has reasonable clarity for a dynamic for a “budget” mic, but realistically it’s a bit pricey of course. I still stick by the sm48lc imo, but if you are after the most clarity, the c2 mics that were recommended to you would be a bit more clear sounding (but pick up more noise, also I mean you would also get 2 of em so idk what you would do with the 2nd one unless you wanted to do asmr lol, but to do that you would need a 2 channel mic interface as well).

Oh yeah let me tell ya I am all about that asmr lol. Actually at this point considering just looking into the modmic uni, attaching it to a sound card for better clarity, lume and clamp the wire to my already existing headphone wiring so its out of the way and not bugging the crap out of me and be done with it. I kept looking at the setup and asked myself why would I put myself through all this headache? Honestly, I really wish there was a compatability with my 990s and the v moda I forgot just how damn good that microphone was for like a $20 microphone.While I know theres that guy afk who mods them among probably some other people I have no idea how good that service is let alone if the v moda would work at this point.

Well, if you are doing that, you don’t want a unidirectional mic, you would want a stereo mic setup here

Yeah, the vmoda would just be a hassle, the closest thing might actually be a stage headset mic but those are expensive as well. At this point the q2u looks like your best bet for availability and sound imo, later on you could get a nice interface when they become available and also use the mic xlr when that time comes too, because at the moment we have a very large shortage of mics and interfaces and stuff

Yeah, its looking like thats I will be doing for now. Buy the q2u and the arm and just leave it alone till the prices come back down. Economy and stocks took a hell of a hit. I do appreciate it. This should fix the issue. Now I can worry about throwing money at other things.

Lol basically what I’m doing but the q2u is universally out of stock to June here in Canada so I bought an alternative.will just invest in something better later.

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I certainly can’t guarantee it’ll work with your setup, but a while back I bought a Samson GoMic Connect, after watching a Zeos video. They’re cheap, sound pretty good and no cables on your head. Zeos has it tacked on to the end of the modmic roundup video here Zeos’ Video
This guy’s video is also pretty good. Andru Edwards’ video
Certainly not the be all end all of mics, but at $20 USD it’s a solid choice as an interim between finding what works for you more permanently.

appreciate the help there bud but this post is like over a month old lol. All good on the microphone