Mid-Centric headphone recommendations?

Hey guys, so I am going to be going to a few audio places soon and was rather curious on trying out some more mid-centric headphones more towards a neutral or balanced kind of frequency. I do like some thump in my bass and of course neutral or raised treble is really nice. I immediately thought okay then probably Sennheisers? My main intention was to go and try the Focals at the audio store but I wasn’t sure if any of these in particular fit that criteria. I own the 58x jubilee and HD 598 which are nice and all but I would prefer a bit less aggression and wider sound as the two are fairly linear and small on the staging. Something more unique would be nice. You all have any recommendations in particular I could check out while I am out checking out some equipment?

Since you’re talking about trying them out… I would suggest give a chance to Grado RS1 and RS2 (whichever version is current. “e” now?). If the PS500 is available, that one too. Not a whole lot of Grado love round these parts , I don’t think… but I love my (older) RS-1. I would never suggest a blind buy, but it’s safe to check them out!

The main focal that is mid forward would is elegia.
If you have audio technicas ad500x/ad2000x would be widish soundstage and mid forward.
Sony z7m2 is also a really nice can if they have it.
Shure 1440(very mid forward)/1840(more neutural but still mid forward) are espcally good if you are looking for cans for vocals.

Btw I might be mistaken but was it you that had skin irratation to velour? If so maybe the “cheaper” zmf cans like atticus mid suit your needs although you would have to get it used to get it at a semi decent price.

@wagstaff I would like to try the grados but sadly they are no longer importing to my country of singapore : (


oh no definitely not skin irritation. It gets irritating if the pads are not large enough. I have really large ears which tends to kill a lot of headphones for me due to lack of seal or the pads rubbing across the top of my ears… if the pad is a velour or very fabric-y, hybrids seem to be the worse for me in this regard for some reason, it tends to rub my ears and cause quite a bit of irritation not to mention more heat.

If you dont find velour irritating after it soaks your head grease in, then are you even human?
That or your neck pimple scars are so thick that it just feels cozy?
or you spend $50 on pads every 3 months.

Ah… can’t get them Brooklyn to Singapore. Too bad. I do think the better Grados have lovely mids… but I am sure your alternatives will more than do.

grados are huge with hipsters who like them because they look like shit
you might be able to find some on your local shops or ebay close to you? idk

I mean, you are entitled to your opinion but this is a bit extreme dont you think?

I wear velours all the time without issues and no neck pimp scars. let’s keep my post here on track without comments that seem rather off track or fairly rude and condescending okay? Thanks.

I actually have not tryed the ad2000x though I did own the ad1000x I can’t get behind the build design it’s so uncomfortable I hated the headband and overall felt real plastic-y and cheap. as for the sony and shure yeah I will go ahead and take a look.

I find a lot of people aren’t a big fan of the grado line but it’s worth a shot.

no i dont

then you buy new ones all the time lol

No, I do not buy pads all the time.

Anyway, open to hear other recommendations from others.

What does the hd598 sound like?

Second the Elegia as a great mid forward option

Vocals/mids are my favourite thing and my favourite headphones are Grado GH2, HiFiman Sundara and Focal Elex. Grado’s were my favourite, but I think it is the Elex’s now. And I Really enjoy the Sundara’s.

Any of these can give you a full day of pleasure, although I did have to change the pads on the Grado’s.

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Maybe. Maybe calling out hipsters is the new hipster. It’s certainly nothing that applies to my recommendation.

I absolutely loved the Sundaras but between the pads(there too small!), the issues with quality control I faced(two breaks consecutive), and the rather bass lite I just couldn’t face keeping them in my collection. Hearing the elegia a few times was already planning to try that… Guess I will definitely have to try the grado while I am there

Bass lite yet detailed with good extension and sub bass, soundstage and seperation on par with the helios, mids are very forward and detailed and sound pretty nice with some warm tones to the vocals, highs are smooth yet balanced they do have a dip in their frequency and it’s noticeable but doesn’t sound too bad though I would prefer a little brighter on the treble not by much though. 599 was brighter

@wagstaff I would disregard the comment. lets keep this thread on topic please? Appreciate the recommendation.

Have Senn 6XX which are great, just got HIFIMan Sundara which I love, more detail, better sound stage.

I had the pleasure to try the 660 S which sounds really good but I like more soundstage… was told the 6xx has a similar soundstage which will probably lead to me not appreciating it as much as I should

I thought I did. I like the mids on the Rs1 and Rs2. No other considerations about looks or image come into it. Unfortunately the Grados can’t be auditioned in Singapore, and I would recommend against a blind buy. There are some nice recommendations on this thread which the OP is likely to be able to audition. Joy is restored.

-is the OP- lmfao joy is definitely restored. Yeah, they do carry grado there so I do plan to see if I can try them.

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