Midbass Subwoofer

Playing around with a Rythmik FM8 Sub. It can be used like a normal sub (low pass only) or it can be used as a dedicated midbass sub (low pass and high pass). I am using it as a dedicated midbass sub. Only has one option for the high pass if you wanna use it for midbass (50Hz/24dB slope). So I have <50Hz going to my Rythmik FVX12’s, 50-140Hz going to the Rythmik FM8, and >140Hz going to my Wharfedale EVO4.2’s. I have to say this is pretty fun.

Before the FM8 I was running a 6dB bass boost to get some extra midbass punch, but it was still lacking a bit. The bass tone control on my Parasound NewClassic 200 Integrated has a center frequency adjustment of 60Hz according to Parasound. So I had to boost it a lot then turn down the sub out to get a midbass bump. Bought a UMIK-1 mic to help me integrate everything and get volume levels even. Integrating bookshelves and subs aren’t too bad, but adding a third frequency band to adjust is a little harder to do by ear.


That looks like a hell of a lot of fun to listen to. NOT wife approved however. Listening to some New Order on that has to be worth contemplating divorce. lol

It’s better in person. Phone camera makes the lighting shit. The subs are exactly the same black oak finish. Speakers are white oak finish. Better WAF with all the grills on. And small rug temporary until I put feet on it. But yeah I’m single, can you tell?

There is another path… path to power. to reach even better end result.
Path to the dark side. It is more powerful than you know. lol

Bigger front speakers with large midbass drivers and plenty of power no replacement for displacement also works with driver size , in the bass department.

Like 12" drivers and 1kW power, let’s you get more than needed and there is always more! in touch of few buttons for the end of all things moods.

There so much power like 8" will do but 10" and 12" are spot. Or more for 15"… for the ultimate ride there is power that doubles the drivers and power…all the way up to 2x18" and 2kW of power. So you could have 4 x 18" drivers and 4kW of power.

Add pair of 12’s should cover the percussion section. Bet would make that setup more awesomness. Wouldnt anything bigger than a 12 really for F/X (rattle the sofa) ?

One of the benefits with speakers like Tekton and Zu, they go deep with a good bit of authority on their own. A big 10" driver with a lot of POWAH! The rest is taken care of by a very lonely L12… that’s wife problem again.

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Thought the dual subs were 8s :crazy_face:. get another 8 to make a pair.

Tempting, but Rythmik already has too much of my money lol