Mildly infuriating Audio related problems

So as the title suggests, what are some of the mildly infuriating audio related things you have experienced? For me Just this minute I peeled off the barcode sticker on my topping PA3 amp that I just hooked up. There was another sticker underneath it. A QC inspected sticker if anyone one of you care to know

what am I missing? how is that infuriating?

JDS el dac. The audio would make popping noises all the time, randomly i may add. The usb was always a cock on that unit. Tried switching cables, motherboards, then i switched to optical and the problem went away. Dac sounded great but honestly could never suggest it because clearly they deemed that acceptable.

Running a cable, nicely managing it away and then discovering it is just a hair too short.

THE feel


need to peel off two stickers when I was expecting only one, so double the time and double the chance ill have to clean glue residue off.

I have been buying music on vinyl when it strikes me and seems appropriate for a couple years to add to the not very large collection that started since I was in high school. It is definitely frustrating to get a brand new pressing that sounds worse than anything I have. It is really a gamble … I would say 1 out of 10 sound horrible… Looking at the surface of the record, looks perfect… sounds like someone ran sandpaper over it though. So yes, Vinyl is not what it used to be.


mmm…guess we differ in what is infuriating, LoL

I can feel the pain of that picture. Its a pain similar to when you “manage” cables but you know you just stuffed them all behind the desk. no one can see them, but you in your nightmares.


Haha… That’s classic

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In car audio and after noticing you fucked up with the length of any cable… after the second time.
You LEARN to measure… every… cable and i mean every cable to have that extra.
Haven’t had that struggle in years. :smiley:

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