Miller and Kreisel mx 200 v.s. Rythmik L12

I’ve heard that push-pull subs are the absolute best sq subwoofers out there, but what about ones with no dsp? Would it be better to wait for a used mx 200 or go for the rythmik? I’m more in favor of the rythmik (although i will use a minidsp and lfe input with it) due to its very low distortion and amazing low end performance (busting down 14hz -3db, 10hz usable) but I’m still curious.

-Reading a thread from 2012, it seems even then that the m&k mx 200 was rendered obsolete compared to at least 2012 m&k subs so I’ll probably bail on a mx 200, but I’ll leave this post up anyways. May buy a lower end m&k sub from the same early 2,000s era Just because they’re cool lol

For the MK. I probably look and select something from the current lineup.

Although. You could get a similar performing sub with room correction and modern toys with similar price range.

Rythmik subs are cheap… but one can image why the price gap is so large. Reasons there are.

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a new m&k would blow the budget for the whole setup that includes that L12 lol (sub $2,000)

That L12 is said to be the best sounding sub under $600, I love the idea of it being sealed and beating the hell out of sub 20 frequencies. Absolutely exactly what I was looking for. In a perfect world I would have towers that hit 25-20hz and then a push-pull dsp sub for ultra low frequencies and spl parties (car audio music). Example: Buchardt A700s and a Perlisten D215s

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