Mini dsp madness

preface: I have a mini DSP nano digit and 3 balanced dacs and a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20. and way too many speakers I want to control

question: can I get another mini DSP on the same pc

Are asking about how MiniDSP’s software would handle a second NanoDIGI being attached to your PC? Or are you looking to add a different miniDSP device? You best bet might be to make a post on the miniDSP forums.

mini dps got back to me with this

(Unfortunately you will only be able to control one nanoDIGI at a time… The bridge used for communication between the PC and DSP unit will limit you to one unit I’m afraid… (i.e. 1 x USB connected at a time).


What if you virtualized two separate environments on the same system and make sure to assign them different usb controllers? That might work, but definitely wouldn’t be convenient

i would but im not trying to run a vm just for that but that looks like the only option
edit: im doing it, it will solve an issue with my 18i20 and 2i2 (they share the same driver)the 18i20 wont work with discord, and the 2i2 dont have spoidf or a matrix audio control mixer