Minidsp 2x4 hd - Info Needed

Hi All

So i saw a review from Z last night, and this thing looks amazing.

Now for the question i am not sure if i missed it in the Video.

With the HD it expects optic in, can i do the following then

TV Optic - miniDSP - 2 Outputs to Left/Right on SMSL SA300 (Will handle bookshelves) and then use 3rd output to a Subwoofer?

So using the miniDSP as DAC with optic in, or am i missing something or understanding it incorrectly?

Please let me know if i missed something or if this would work? The control i can get from this small setup seems to be exactly what i would need for the 2.1 setup, and even make it 2.2 setup then.

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This is almost exactly what I do with my miniDSP. It works great.

To do this, use the USB port to configure the device how you want: optical in, L, R, Sub (with both left and right channel). You can set a crossover depending on your speakers and sub. Once it’s configured how you want, you can unplug the USB. Works great. Feel free to message me if you need any assistance.

@elementze, thank you so much and will message you for sure, sounds like i am on right track here.