MiniDSP connection

Hey there. I’m new to some of this stuff and just wondering if this connection makes sense.
I was considering using an optical cable to connect my TV with a minidsp unit and then output from the minidsp to a Marantz (HD-AMP-1) audio inputs and then out to my speakers. My specific questions are:

  1. Does this make sense?
  2. Would I be bypassing the DAC in the Marantz?
  3. Would I still be able to control the volume from the Marantz the same way?marantz

I thought about this some more and realized there is no way for the minidsp to know which speakers are connected, so I’ll have to do some more reading to see how I would do this.

Depends what you want the miniDSP to do. When it just acts as a DAC, this endeavor is kinda pointles.


Yes, these two buttons:

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Based on the manual, it seems as though if I am only connecting 2 speakers, it will work as I described, however if you want to integrate a subwoofer, you would need to add a preamp to the front of the chain and connect the subwoofer to the minidsp.

The Marantz also has a Sub-Out. Given, the miniDSP will give you a whole lot more controll over what gets fed to the subwoofer.

You don’t need a preamp before the miniDSP. Especially not when your TV acts as one anyway.

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If i go through the analog input of the minidsp from a external dac is there resolution degredation going out to the speakers?