miniDSP SHD Streaming Processor

Has anyone tried the miniDSP SHD? Zeos speaks very highly of the miniDSP 2x4 and the 2x4 HD which seem like very powerful devices but this adds the benefit of being balanced as well as having a more attractive form factor. It also includes streaming.

Something like this would allow you to have a single device in between your source and a set of powered speakers and subwoofers. Not only that, it has full bass management and room correction. I don’t know of anything else that does this, much less at this price point.

Reviews are pretty scarce. There’s a very thorough writeup on Audio Science Review. The digital-only version (SHD Studio) was also highly praised by Hans Beekhuyzen.

I don’t have much experience using bass management or room correction but I’m very intrigued. This thing is a Streamer, DAC, DSP Processor and Preamp all in a single unit.

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DBX DriveRack Venu360 or Xilica XP-series comes to mind. Neither allows to be a streaming target.
The AES inputs on the DBX could be paired with an AES-shield for the RaspberryPi would enable that.

Well, I ordered a miniDSP SHD and it arrived last week. I still haven’t played around with EQ or Dirac, but I did get bass management working. It sounds exceptionally clean so far. It came with a calibrated mic so I’m going to use that to optimize speaker/subwoofer positioning before I get into the DSP settings.