MiniDSP vs Schiit Loki?

I’m stuck between the two. There are times where I’d love to nerd the crap out of EQ and go for the minidsp and other times where I don’t want to bother with BS and just turn a few knobs.

Pros and Cons for each one? Having trouble decide.


Well I think that minidsp would offer way more features. The loki is nice for immediate feedback as in you change it in real time easily. I would also say to check out the Bellari audio EQ570 if you want a similar product to the loki

I would say if you know the slightest thing about eq, I would go for the minidsp, and if you want stupid simple then go for the loki or other options

Omg, the Bellari’s color and look screams “fking look at me now.”

Yeah, its pretty easy to spot their products lol

Thats a hell of a product lol 119$. how good is it compared to the loki? i remember Zeos doing a comparison of the JDS Labs Objective 3 99$:

and the Schiit Loki 150$ off their site, 175$ off amazon:

and he acted like the Objetive 3 fell way short. the Bellari audio EQ570 isnt another Objective is it?

What about the Behringer MiniFBQ FBQ800 for more options 89$?

Or for the cheapest option, the Nobsound Preamp with tone control 66$:

The Schiit Loki has a lot going for it since it has Zeos mark of approval. But can we get away with a cheaper one that can compete with Schiit Audio quality? Or do they all have the same quality? Zeos video:

I think the bellari and shiit are about equal, with the bellari being slightly better imo but TBH both are pretty great.

The behringer will give you more control, but imo they are built very cheaply and work alright