Minimalistic Set Up - 2x MiniRig 3 Vs. iLoud Micro?

@ZeosPantera ? Or anyone could share some insight? The iLoud is Slightly Cheaper $50 give or take. Which provide the best sound for a Nearfield Minimalistic Set-Up


If your going to go nearfield the ilouds are going to give you a better experience imo, I wouldn’t really suggest running something like minirigs on a desk if you wanted to make a good stereo setup, you will end up with poor spatial recreation and kinda not exactly a good representation of a stereo image. What type of sound are you going for btw? And also do you have a dac and a way to control volume for the speakers?

Nothing in Particluar that I know of, Just Music & Movie watching.

I have an Apple USB C Dongle, which I think are pretty decent, I do have a way to control Volume, The signal needs to be converted RCA thou.

I need it to be Minimal to be pack in a luggage

Gotcha. The ilouds would def get the job done and be pretty nice. It’s going for a more cleaner neutral sound with impressive detail and sound for it’s size, pretty good staging and nothing super harsh either (although they are revealing of poor quality recordings). Pretty durable too. I would also look into the vanatoo t0 if you wanted something with a bit warmer more fun sound signature, also a pretty great speaker, gives a bit more bass punch and extension and a bit more relaxed sound in comparison.

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