Mirage Omni S10

I bought a used Omni S10 subwoofer.
I am not familiar with sub settings, I was wondering if someone would be willing to give me some pointers about what to set the Phase/Frequency/Filter.
It is run with an older model Yamaha Rx-V773, and the other speakers are Polk Monitor CS2 Series II for center, and two Monitor 30 for front left and right.
Thank you.

The frequency switch is a cutoff for the frequency that the subwoofer outputs. You can adjust this by ear, but since the Monitor 30s are rated to 63hz +/-3db, I would put it at 60 and then adjust slightly up from there until it sounds correct.
Level is just the volume of the Sub’s output; adjust until you feel that it blends at the same perceived volume as your speakers, or adjust slightly up or down to taste. If you need a good way to test this, you can go here: Online Tone Generator - generate pure tones of any frequency and start the tone at 0 hz and then walk it up through wherever you have the crossover/frequency dial set. Adjust a combination of the Volume Level and Frequency on the sub until the transition is even and as close to imperceptible as possible.
Phase is only 0 or 180, so just try either one. It’s to prevent cancellations and artifacts caused by placement and setup.
Filter I have no idea, I assume that it’s a low-pass filter but that’s also what the Frequency dial is for. Check the user manual (look one up if you don’t have a paper one).
You may also want to snag a manual for the Rx-V773 to see what options it has for speaker/sub orientation; Often times, on top of filters and LFE settings, there are options for how the receiver “sees” your speakers (i.e. small speakers, large, full-range, etc) which can internally change where it outputs frequencies and SPL. People usually recommend setting them to “large” unless you have specific use cases, but again, you can just try them all out and see what sounds best to you!

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Thank you so much!
I appreciate it!
I will look at the settings options of the Yamaha receiver.
It also came with a microphone setup, I’ll play with that too.

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The Microphone is used for a “setup” to do rudimentary room correction and assigning “roles” to the speakers based on the room’s feedback. It’s a good place to start working from, there will be details in the manual.

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As a starting setup you can try mid volume and 80Hz then you can adjust to your preference.
For the phase, if the sound of the subwoofer sounds like it’s coming at a different time as the sound from the speakers, flip the phase switch and see if it’s better.