Mitigate table vibration from speaker (Micca RB42)

My table isn’t very sturdy or heavy because I live in an apartment so table like this make my life easier when moving. I recently got a pair of Micca RB42, these don’t vibrate on it own but the sound coming from them does vibrate the table slightly when listen at high volume and bass heavy tracks. I have to use my drawing tablet so any kind of vibration could effect my work flow.

have to figure out where the rattle is coming from. have you checked to make sure the bolts and screws are all tight?

Its one of those $50 fordable table, I can’t fit anything bigger than those when moving so I have to live with it.

well, try putting the legs on something soft and/or get those non-stick pad rolls and try that under the speaker? the non-stick pad roll is that stuff that people put in silverware drawers and such to stop the tray from sliding around and making noise.

try to get some foam base, it helps the speaker vibration hitting the desk, so it doesnt loosen up over a long period of time

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I’ll try that then. Was thinking of foam pad too but when placing my hand on them they don’t vibrate much compare to the table. I have them placed flat down and side way so maybe its the sound bouncing off the table. I tried to angle them up which barely reduced the vibration.

not sure where you live, but this is the stuff I am talking about:

I would buy a square of furniture felt to put on the feet of the table, that way it’s all even and balanced, and then cut enough of that drawer stuff so the speaker feet on supported and can absorb minor vibration but not affect sound performance. :slight_smile:

Going to walmart later to buy some monitor risers and some kind of padding, if that doesn’t work then i guess I’ll have to play music at low volume when working.

well…headphones will always give you a better experience :wink:

I do have a modded HD58X also. But i like using speakers more which is why i got these Micca.

how did you mod the HD58x?

Remove the foam pads inside and cover up the drivers with some felt using doubled sided tape. the result is very apparent.

how come? what did it change?

wider soundstage after removing the thin foam layer, really popular mod for the HD58X

I put mine on a pair of black yoga blocks (no feet attached to speakers), works really good, though I still feel some vibrations at high volumes and deep bass, will probably put an additional layer of something really soft.

Got some padding for them, didn’t change much. Guess I’ll live with this then.

I have a pair of these and they work really well to stop vibration as well as angle the speaker up more towards my ears.

Audioengine DS2 Desktop Speaker Stands (Pair)