Mix Bluetooth input and PC sound

Sometimes I have a video playing on another device, but I’d like to hear it through my computer’s audio chain, particularly whilst playing games. I’d rather not compromise the audio quality on the computer, but I don’t mind if the bluetooth input isn’t the best (just not SBC, please…)

I heard that the Creative X7 will do this, but then of course it’s acting as a DAC for the PC output and I’d definitely want to use a better DAC with my PC at some point. The game surround features might be interesting if I get back into FPS games, but I’m not specifically looking for anything gaming audio-related right now.

I found the Bluetooth Audio Receiver Windows Store App, which should do what I want, but doesn’t work with a MacBook as a source.

Then I thought about getting a USB-powered bluetooth receiver, but all the ones I found output analog audio. I guess I could plug such a device back into the line in on my computer since I don’t need audiophile quality for watching some videos, but it seems a bit silly though. I was wondering if there might be something that appears as a USB sound device to the computer and can receive AAC over bluetooth, but couldn’t find anything so far, at least not on the German Amazon.

Alternatively, perhaps there’s a better way to do what I want?

That is an interesting App. I just discovered that this HP laptop I have can pair with the Topping MX-3, so no USB. Secondly, I found an internal app that works as an audio switcher. Brilliant! Now I can redirect my audio to either via USB to the the SMSL S-8 stack to speakers or through Bluetooth to the MX-3 for headphone listening. Also, no plugging and unplugging. That is of course unless I want to change the phones. It’s fantastic!