MMD; Elac SUB1010 v.s. Monoprice Updated 9723 12" Sub (Measurements Included)

Trying to figure out which is better for content consumption (no music). I’m not even sure if it’s a decision between the elac sounding better and monoprice getting lower and louder, or if the monoprice is just simply better.

Erin’s Audio Corner CEA-2010 Master Test List - Google Sheets

AmazonSmile: Elac SUB1010 120 Watt 10" Powered Subwoofer, Black, SUB1010-BK : Electronics

Monoprice 12in 150-Watt Powered Subwoofer, Black -

How big is your room ? In a 16ftx16ftx20ft bedroom 2.1 the ELAC 1010 is enough to my ears. By the way those FMOD inline hipass filters only attenuate the low FQ signal few db, dosent completely cut off the lows. Im still getting signal for the sub at the sub out on the amp. Might try 100hz in the interest of science and before i give negative feedback.

Back to subs, in a 25x25ft (approx) with an opening 12ft in the rear of the room the elac was bit lacking, preface i couldnt corner load or have much placement choice, my klipsch R-100 same experience (Sub next to L/R on the floor 5ft from sidewall 1ft off the backwall ). Dont get me wrong either the ELAC or the monoprice will make TV way more enjoyable. Theyre so cheap buy a set or 2 sets.

Cant speak for monoprice but the elec looks well built for $100 and is compact, cute as a button. Id go dual ELAC than 2 of the monoprice 12in. Only thing that gives away the price of the ELAC is the fixed power cord.

I’m in a rent house sized master bedroom if that makes any sense, like 12 x 16 x 12?;

This is where the setup will be;

I will move either the dresser on the left, or the drawer thing on the right, and put the sub next to the brown dresser accordingly.

If those fmod things suck, I will have to find something simple and cheap to use in it’s place, damnit. I do not want to fuck with a minidsp for a <$300 system that doesn’t include that in it’s price. I will be trying this fmod to begin with unless I can find a better <$100 alternative;

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Judging by how the testing for cea 2010-a works, the monoprice sub actually puts out bass with far less distortion (and deeper) than the elac.

And i thought space was tight in my room, lol.

Thats the trade off you can have improved performance but lose real estate. Your setup is near field so either sub should be good im thinking. The elac is light enough to place one on each side of the monitor :slightly_smiling_face:. Joking aside i got the ELAC in a bedroom and its capable.

those FMODS, went with the 70hrz gonna try the 100hrz before i write them off.

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I actually plan on sitting on the left side of the bed in a chair, which will actually mean I am at least 10 feet away from the speakers/sub lol. The speakers on the desk will be the speakers for the tv setup actually. I have found this from my previous posts:

High Pass Filter (

It is far simpler and doesn’t need a pc to mess with, but it is WAY worse of a value (actually more expensive) than a minidsp 2x4, so I may just say fk it and buy a used 2x4 and deal with setting it up and whatnot.

When you get the sub try placing it on the wood dressor. I did a half hearted sub crawl in the bedroom and placed the sub in about the same location on top of a chair and the bass came back.

Will give an update when the 100hrz FMOD is installed whether to recommend it for a cheap solution.

Hmm. Would putting the sub where i’m going to be sitting and then crawling around be better?

you may do a deep dive dedicated topic on those fmods for future reference purposes

Thats one of the go to methods. I got room gain back in my irregular bedroom dimensions. 16ftx16ft room with a 6ftx8ft nook. My previous measurements are wrong. Didnt do the sub crawl, lazy and the bed/TV layout didnt leave much options without being intrusive. So i tried positioning the sub either side of L/R on the floor wasnt until i placed the sub on a chair opposite the nook 4ft from the corner 1ft from the wall , boom ! Bass for days. Remember gene from audioholics talks about corner loading and by me getting the 10in sub off the floor improved bass output.

basically try shit see if it sticks and another excuse to enjoy audio. :slightly_smiling_face:

will put the FMOD on the list measuring with REW.

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