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This is the official thread for the MMR Gae Bolg

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: NO


Z Reviews

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Here are some written reviews since there aren’t any English video reviews that I can find:

Absolutely loving these so far, definitely want to do a proper write up at some point but here are a few brief thoughts so far:

Soundstage is very interesting so far, it feels quite like a circular stage around my head like I’ve seen stuff like Focals being described and I’m really enjoying that.

I can’t quite tell whether it has a larger bass quantity than the Graces or not so far, but I think it has more impact.

They’re very engaging and that’s what I love in items/headphones.

The shell on these is beautiful, I love the finish and the design, they are very comfortable when using them in a shallow insertion depth, I did try them at a deeper insertion depth but it was quite fatiguing on my left ear after a while.

Waiting for my Spiral Dot tips to arrive to see what they are like with different tips. Hopefully should be with me soon.

Been using them mainly off of the iFi Diablo so far which is quite a nice pairing especially since there is no hiss compared to the Monotor/Ares that I am borrowing.

I’m probably gonna try them with the Plussound cable I have soon, but I think I’d maybe get a cable specifically for these that sounds good and maybe matches the design too.


It is definitely “striking” to look at and I hope your eventual write up can get to the “heart” of what makes it special to you.


Grabbing a set or two of these myself and really excited. Did you guys get the “complete” or light packages…apparently complete comes with the cable they were tuned on…I just ordered two graphene cables to run this with my new (to me) WM1A…supper stoked to compare to my Ara.

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Will be interesting to hear your thoughts on them, I’m interested to see what the illiad cable changes compared to the basic model that I’ve got, I really want to get it a nice cable since I love mine so far. What graphene cable are you getting for them?

The XINHS 8 core cable…wrote the seller in Ali and he offered 4 cables for 180…they have solid reputation and measured from humans in this forum. Evidently the cables in the complete package is normally like 250 so purchasing with it is like a 50 euro discount

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Sounds good, I’ve been curious about seeing what they’re actually like myself, I’d probably try to get a gold plated silver one to compare to my plus sound exo GPS cable that I currently use on everything.

I don’t personally buy into cable measurements but I appreciate that a lot of people on here like them so I’d want to see how they perform in comparison.

Yeah, I don’t buyin to the sound change that much…maybe I’m just not that sensitive…but these are reported to be thick, flexible, and have good verified resistance levels so I figured what the hell, get all the terminations I need 2 pin - 4.4 & 2.5 and mmcx - 4.4 and 2.5.

I look forward to your thoughts on both the IEM and the cable, I am really wanting to get myself a matching red and black or grey/silver cable for them.

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Check ikko ctu01 :slight_smile:

That’s a pretty nice looking cable, there’s something about a single/dual cable design that really speaks to me. I’d love a pwaudio 1960s series or similar, but definitely not looking for anything anywhere near that price until I get a P6P and MMR Thummim (my current “endgame” goal if there’s ever such a thing).

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Yeah, i like it. Might grab it soon :slight_smile:

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Will be interested to hear your thoughts, what’re you gonna be using it with?

Maybe Mangird Teas

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Nice, I’ve been kind of interested in them, gotta stay strong and keep saving though :joy:

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Mangird Teas are worth the bucks and more. Pretty good set, they are my precious, even if they are not my best set anymore, they will always have a special place in my collection :slight_smile:

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These are great. Only run for 4 hrs or so but immediately prefer the balance of sound to most of the other IEMs I’ve tried. I think the bass reaches a bit further than my CF Area’s but I need to run them off the same source side by side to check. Been playing on Sony WM1A with Flac and lovin them. The designs and build are top notch, can’t wait to swap out the cable. After purchasing these 2nd hand on headfi, went back and found additional pair for even cheaper without the box and accessories……long story short after two hrs listening I grabbed a second set…….seemingly found my IEM endgame.


How are the Spiral Dots treating you?

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Glad you’re liking them, from what I read they seem to be more of my style than the 2020 andros. They are trading blows a lot with the Graces which I’m surprised about, just I think the Graces may be a little more comfy.

Has shown me that I may just sell my two main IEMs and go for a Thummim at some point after getting a p6p :smirk:

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