Mmx 300 vs dt 1990

I already own my MMX 300 , I think i gonna change to DT 1990
it’s that worth for money and quality ?
Almost Music & Gaming
My sound card is sound blaster AE-9

I think the 1990 is better for technicalities and in a higher tier of performance, but that being said the mmx300 is smoother and more relaxed while the 1990 is more aggressive and a bit brighter. I think the 1990 is the higher preformer in both gaming and music, but if you like the more relaxed ish sound of the 300 I don’t know if the 1990 would be exactly what you are looking for. Otherwise I prefer the 1990 imo

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If you do end up purchasing the DT 1990, try the Dekoni Hybrid pads. They tilt the frequency a bit if you find them to be too bright. I bought them for mine and have really enjoyed the experience with them. If you are used to the MMX, then this would also help keep that same bit of low end that you might also enjoy.

Dekoni - Beyerdynamic DT1990 Measurements

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I got the Dekoni Elite Velours pads for my 1990s - the changes are not all positive - imaging and stage are not as exact/wide/deep as with the original analytical pads

Metal and dms are not really big fans both of them say that just get the dt880 600 ohm.

Ignoring the mmx300 here

I mean if they are talking frequency response wise the 880 600 ohm is more even, but the 1990 is no slouch either and for music enjoyment I would rather take the 1990. For studio though I would rather take the 880 600 ohm. Also I can see metal saying that but I thought dms liked them?

Here is a comment from him about the 1990 lol

Oh ok it’s just dms always uses the 880 over the 1990

Yeah, its all about what you are comfortable with

so 1990 it’s actually good right ?

Lol yes, it is. The reason metal doesn’t prefer it is because he is obsessed with finding the perfect frequency response for him. It’s not an issue, but his reviews are based around liking stuff that is ideal for him (Harman target)