MMX300 Gen2 amp/combo help

Hello folks,

I’ve been using MMX300 Gen2 (32 ohms) for a year now with a built-in into motherboard Realtek sound card. Although I enjoy music much more with MMX300 than with any other gaming headset I’ve had so far these cans feel like they’re way too quiet. The sound level on the remote control is maxed out. The louder I make them in windows the better they sound and more details I can hear in games and music but it messes up completely with the audio recording I do during Zoom meetings at work and is not too good for healthy hearing. Positioning in online shooters also suffers a lot.

Initially, I thought 35 ohms cans shouldn’t require an AMP/DAC but looks like MMX300 does.

Please suggest a good combo AMP/DAC or just AMP whichever is more suitable/capable and available on Amazon UK (mic input would be great to have). I’m clueless about what would make these cans finally sound at full capacity.


what’s your budget?

300 EUR tops

ended up buying arc mk2