Mobile apps that has stereo balance options

Tl;dr - looking for mobile apps that has stereo balance option.
Hi, I don’t know if this is the right place to ask, but anyways… Around 3 months ago I bought blon 03 from aliexpress (amazing iems but the fit is absolute garbage). So last week surprise, surprise one side of iem is like 45% quitter than the other one and aliexpress doesn’t offer any warranty except that 15 days buyer protection, I wrote about this to the seller but they just completely ignore me, how rude… Anyways getting to the topic, that side of the iem works but it’s just louder, so last day I was just randomly messing with peace eq and saw and option where you can balance your headphones, the problem is that i use the iems on the go on my phone and peace and eq apo only works normally on pc. So I would like to ask if any of you knows any apps on android that has this stereo balance feature.

USB Audio Player Pro would support this, but is not free. If I remember correctly about 5 euros.
But the app offers a lot of other setting options also. But you can only use their full potential with a USB Dac.

Neutron Player also has it in the Audio Hardware section of the Options, but again it’s not a free player.

You could get it for free and have it working for all audio played from all apps if you could install ViPER4Android, but that requires an unlocked bootloader or a rooted phone.

Hi, I tried downloading this app from some random website. So when I open the app I can play music, control volume, but eq and other options doesn’t work… So the only solution is to root my phone or you maybe know some other apps which I can download via apk?

Well you can always search for “audio balance” on Google Play and see what comes up. Like this thing seems to have been tested with a bunch of players and might work for browser audio and other stuff as well: