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Fiio M15S is reviewed at MBA, by Mahir Efe Falay

A grand to sacrifice for an all purpose mighty DAP?
Seems fair trade after listening and enjoying is premium SQ


– High-quality DAC and powerful amplifier

– Advanced heat dissipation technology

– Supports multiple high-resolution audio formats

– Versatile with Android Mode and Pure Music Mode

– High-quality, larger touchscreen for improved usability

– Sleek design with robust build quality

– Portable despite its high performance


– Reduced battery life compared to the predecessor

– Larger and heavier than previous models, affecting portability

– Higher price point, making it less accessible

– Limited Android version support over time

– Screen resolution remains the same despite larger size


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Hiby R4 is reviewed at MBA, thanks to Mahir Efe Falay directly and HiBy Music indirectly for the tour, and Sandeep A. for making it come true.

The HiBy R4’s sound output is notably impressive, positioning it as a top competitor within its price segment. As an enthusiast of finely tuned and balanced sound, I’m particularly satisfied with its performance, driven by the robust Quad ES9018C2M DAC configuration. The audio profile of the R4 is remarkably neutral, offering a pure and uncolored sound that faithfully reproduces recordings, making it perfect for listeners who prefer an authentic audio experience.

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Celest Relentless had been reviewed at MBA, by Chris

"Because the Relentless is built very well with a HeyGears 3d printed build. The design is second to none in the price point. It is exceedingly slick and totally gorgeous. This pair is very light on the ear and feels like nothing over long listening sessions. Still, like all iems or audio devices the real worth will always stop and start at the sound. Good for the Relentless because this happens to be its greatest strength. This set sounds very good for $169 folks. That deep yet tight bass which can handle most anything you throw at it. It’s full and fun and nicely dense. The mids compliment the tuning well with loads of details and very nice resolution. Another good subjective reason why is that the treble has that bright yet not overly fatiguing sound which also has awesome details and also has great resolution. The treble is energetic, punchy, and has some very good extension into the upper treble. Technically the Relentless does a great job, nice stage, separation of elements of that stage and great imaging within the stage too. Really a fine set and yes, 100% the Relentless is worth the asking price. This one is a rec for sure. "

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Greetings, MBA followers! I just reviewed the Elysian Audio Labs - Pilgrim, renowned for its sound quality, elegant design, and unmatched performance. Whether you’re into classical or rock, get ready to experience your music in a whole new dimension with the Pilgrim. Check out my detailed review and comparisons to dive deep into the music together! :musical_note:


  1. Exceptional Sound Quality: The Pilgrim earphones deliver an audiophile-grade sound experience, characterized by its balance, clarity, and depth across all frequencies.

  2. Expansive Soundstage: These earphones provide a wide and immersive soundstage that makes listening feel like a live performance, enhancing the spatial representation of instruments and vocals.

  3. Detailed Midrange: The midrange is a standout feature, where vocals and instruments are rendered with exceptional clarity and naturalness, making each listening session a true auditory pleasure.

  4. Controlled Bass: Unlike earphones that can overpower with their bass, the Pilgrim offers a strong yet controlled bass that enhances rather than dominates the music, suitable for a wide variety of genres from classical to electronic and hip-hop.

  5. Crisp Treble: High frequencies are treated with precision, ensuring that high notes and subtle details are sharp and clear without becoming harsh, ideal for detailed listening of high-resolution tracks.

  6. Premium Build Quality: Constructed with high-quality materials, the Pilgrim earphones are not only durable but also boast an elegant design that matches their premium sound output.

  7. Comfort and Fit: Designed for extended listening sessions, these earphones come with Spinfit ear tips and are shaped to fit comfortably and securely in most ears.


  1. High Price Tag: The premium features and quality come at a high cost, which might not be accessible for all budgets, making them a significant investment.

  2. Size and Weight: Due to the robust build and sound technology, these earphones might be bulkier than average, potentially uncomfortable for users with smaller ears.

  3. Complexity for Casual Listeners: The high fidelity sound might be more appreciated by audiophiles than casual listeners, who may not find the sound signature dramatically different from less expensive models.

  4. Requires Good Source Equipment: To fully benefit from the Pilgrim’s capabilities, high-quality source equipment and recordings are necessary, which could mean additional investments for some users.

  5. Potential Overkill for Some Genres: For listeners who primarily enjoy vocal-heavy tracks or less complex music, the extensive capabilities of the Pilgrim might not always translate into a noticeably better listening experience.

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BQEYZ Cloud is reviewed at MBA :arrow_down_small:

The BQEYZ CLOUD delivers a detailed and satisfying listening experience across different music genres. Its bass performance can reach deep sub-bass levels and offers impactful bass effects, the midrange is clear and defined, and the treble generally provides good resolution. However, the treble might feel light in some music genres, and there can be slight struggles with dynamics. This earphone could be a good choice for those looking for high performance across a broad range of music at 100-200 usd range. Based on my experiences, I hope my evaluation of the CLOUD’s pros and cons helps you make an informed decision.

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Fiio M17 is reviewed by Mahir Efe Falay

The Fiio M17 stands out as a premier digital audio player, combining advanced technology with a touch of nostalgia to deliver an exceptional listening experience. Its dynamic and powerful sound profile, detailed and expansive soundstage, and robust build quality make it a top choice for audiophiles seeking both portable and desktop-class performance. My eyes see M15S as a trial for this one. And the review of the another king Cayin N8ii will land maybe soon or next Sunday.


• Powerful and dynamic sound with deep bass, transparent mids, and sparkling highs

• Detailed and expansive soundstage

• Robust metal chassis with elegant design

• Dual ES9038PRO 32-bit DACs for high-resolution sound

• THX AAA-788+ amplifier module for detailed and dynamic sound

• Liquid-cooled thermal balancing board for heat management

• Extensive connectivity options with dual USB-C ports and various headphone outputs

• Bluetooth 5.0 and AirPlay support for wireless streaming

• User-friendly FiiO Music app with features like music playback, file transfer, and EQ settings


• Large and heavy, making it less portable

• High price point

• Complexity in use due to multiple settings and modes

• Requires external power supply for optimal performance in some modes

• Limited onboard storage capacity, requiring additional microSD cards or external storage for large music libraries


Letshuoer Audio S08 is reviewed :heart:

The Letshuoer S08 represents a significant leap forward in planar IEM technology, building on the foundation laid by its predecessor, the S12. This advancement is evident in its meticulously refined sound signature that addresses the shortcomings of the S12 while enhancing its strengths. One of the most notable improvements is the S08’s bass control. Unlike the somewhat bloated bass of the S12, the S08 offers a tighter, more controlled low end that complements a variety of genres without overwhelming the other frequencies. This allows for a cleaner and more precise bass response, making the S08 suitable for both bass-heavy genres like dubstep and more delicate compositions found in classical music.

Furthermore, the S08 excels in the midrange and treble regions. The midrange is particularly impressive, delivering a natural and lifelike sound that brings instruments and vocals to life with exceptional clarity and detail. This adaptability makes the S08 a versatile choice, capable of handling a wide range of musical styles from smooth jazz to symphonic metal. The treble is clear and detailed, with an impressive extension that ensures high-frequency sounds are crisp and well-defined. Combined with its wide soundstage, the S08 provides an immersive listening experience that enhances the depth and space of the music. These qualities collectively make the S08 a highly engaging and versatile IEM, ideal for audiophiles looking for a high-quality audio experience across various genres.


– Improved Bass Control: The S08 offers a refined and controlled bass response, addressing the issues of its predecessor, the S12. This results in a cleaner low end that complements various genres, from dubstep to classical, without overwhelming the other frequencies.

– Rich Midrange: The midrange is one of the standout features of the S08. It delivers a natural and lifelike sound, making instruments and vocals sound authentic and engaging. The midrange adapts well to different musical styles, providing clarity and detail that enhances the overall listening experience.

– Crisp Treble: The S08 excels in the treble range, offering clear and detailed highs with impressive extension. Cymbals and high-frequency instruments are rendered with precision, contributing to an overall balanced sound signature.

– Versatile Sound: The S08’s ability to handle a wide range of genres makes it a versatile choice for many listeners. Whether it’s smooth jazz, symphonic metal, or electronic music, the S08 adjusts its performance to deliver a high-quality listening experience.

– Wide Soundstage: The S08 provides an immersive and spacious soundstage, creating a sense of depth and space that enhances the listening experience. This is particularly noticeable in complex musical arrangements and live recordings.


– Slight Sibilance: While the treble is generally well-controlled, there are instances where it approaches sibilance, especially with certain recordings or at higher volumes. This can be a minor distraction for sensitive listeners.

– Volume Instability in Vocals: There are slight inconsistencies in the volume of high-pitched vocals. This can lead to moments where the vocals feel less stable and slightly uneven, affecting the overall coherence of the sound.

– Lean Bass in Certain Genres: In some music styles, such assmooth jazz, the bass may come across as lean. While the bass is controlled and precise, it might lack the fullness that some listeners prefer in these genres.

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AFUL Explorer is reviewed at MBA by Mahir Efe Falay

The AFUL Explorer impressed me with its high passive isolation, detail projection, and organic playback qualities. Given its price, it delivers outstanding performance in rock, smooth jazz, and electronic music genres. The midrange frequencies are smooth and coherent, the bass adapts to the genre, and the treble is detailed and extended. Overall, the AFUL Explorer offers an excellent price/performance ratio and a good listening experience.

Disclaimer: It was a HiFiGo unit from Letshuoer Audio. Arrived under AG Audio Geek “Brother_Hood of Audiophiles” conditions and Turkey tour will began soon.


  1. High Passive Isolation: The AFUL Explorer provides excellent noise isolation, making it suitable for various listening environments.

  2. Detail Projection: Especially effective in delicate genres like smooth jazz, offering impressive detail and clarity.

  3. Organic Playback: The sound is syrupy smooth, fast, dark, and fluid, enhancing the overall listening experience.

  4. Versatile Bass Performance: Adapts well to different genres, providing rumbling in rock, clean bass in pop, and a gentlemanly bass in smooth jazz.

  5. Rich Midrange: The midrange is coherent and syrupy smooth, making vocals and instruments stand out naturally.

  6. Crisp Treble: The treble is detailed and extends well, providing a satisfying high-frequency experience.

  7. Transparency: High, allowing even amateur non-studio recordings to be clearly heard.

  8. Ergonomic Design: Lightweight and comfortable for extended listening sessions.


Actually, I have one to mention, and regarding the price tag, ultra-nitpicking is unnecessary:

  1. Some Boominess: When multiple low frequencies add up in the mix.

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