Mod SHP9500 or buy HD560S

After purchasing a pair of DT990’s I’ve decided to keep them along side my main system and switch between them and my K702’s.

However, At work I keep a pair of SHP9500 with a Vmoda for playing games like Warzone/MW2019 and the Battlefield genre.

I do quite like the SHP9500 but when coming back to work after using the K702/DT990 I feel the SHP9500 is lacking somewhat and takes me a while to get accustomed to.

Is it worth changing the pads on the SHP9500 or perhaps better to look at swapping to HD560S as I could probably get them at a reasonable price here.

These would be fed from a Soundblaster G3 from my laptop.

Edit: I do own a pair of HD58X also but really didn’t like them much for playing MW2019.

Hd560s all day

That good huh?

And if I were to chuck a Tygr 300R into the mix? Taking into account I find the DT990 a little bit bassier compared to my K702 which I’m more accustomed to for gaming.

Lol tygr train wrecks the more neutral 560s for gamers. I own both and while 560s are very good they still dont perform as good as tygr in that regard… music would be a bit different since your comparing a sennheiser which has very good mids and highs to a more subtle v shape signature with recessive mids. Tygr is a 990 without that huge treble spike and 32 ohms yet keeps all the soundstage, imaging, etc… it does lose out on some detail and clarity though… in many cases I view the 990 600 ohm as a better tygr but only if you can tolerate its treble… if looking to change it up just swap the pads or throw In some eq.

9500 is nice but if you want a good upgrade route dt 880 or hifiman sundara will fit there otherwise swing to t1 2nd gen or dt 1990 as an upgrade to the 990 and shp9500

Na, These would be only for gaming use when I’m off shift at work.
I’ve had a look at the Tygr previously and they are really hard to find in the UK. Beyer don’t ship to the UK now and used Tygrs are more expensive than new DT880/DT990.

How are the Tygr bass wise compared to the DT990?

After using the DT990 and K702 at home, Coming back to using the SHP9500 feels like a massive step back.

The 990 is a little heavier in bass and much heavier in treble.

Ah, I was under the impression the Tygr was more bass heavy compared to the 990.

Tygr are stupidly priced for second hand so I’ve gone down the route of ordering the foam inserts for the Amiron Wireless headphones as I’ve seen people state it makes the DT990 sound similar to the Tygr.

I’ve also found the HD560s for fairly cheap here at £90 for B-stock. May take a stab at them to try for that price.

as someone who sat with that personally? Nope, sorry… it takes a bit more than just some filters to get tygrs sound out of the 990. Tygr and 990 are same price at $200 so up to you really.

That’s understandable but for £5 which can change the treble slightly, it’s worth giving it a try.
I already like the DT990 a lot anyway so if I get on with that headphone, maybe not so much of an issue not having the Tygr.

Maybe they will become more available in the future here and hopefully less than double a DT990 for used item.