Modding DT770 to allow more cup rotation?

I’m having a slight issue with my DT770s and my oddly shaped head. Due to these plastic stops, the cups can’t rotate far enough, and the pads (HM5 pleather) don’t seal below my ears. I’ve looked around for angled circular pads, but can’t find any that would work (there’s one that’s ear-shaped on the inside, but that wouldn’t work because I need the thick part of the pad to be at the bottom, not the back). So instead, I’m thinking about removing the plastic stops. Has anyone done this before, and what would be the best way to remove them? Thanks!

Tape over the surrounding parts for protection, then use a thin file or a fret saw blade.

Would not use a dremel or any other power tool as that can easily slip.

I ended up using a file, took about 5 minutes per piece, but it worked great, and now they fit very nicely.