Modhouse Argon MKIII Best Pad?

I’m a noob and just want what the people thinks is the best. Yes, I am a sheep and must be told what’s the best. So with that spirit, please help me what pad is best on the MK3. People seem to be split between the Protein and the Lambskins. If you have these, please let me know which one you prefer and why? It would be greatly appreciated. These pads are expensive and I just would like a 2nd opinion before I make this purchase. Thank you in advance!!

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I personally think the protein is my favorite on the argons, the lambskins are fine, but the protein is more unique sounding imo

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cool. do they sound different enough where it would justify me buying both pads? or would that be a waste of money? a penny for your thoughts

The protein give a more interesting treble response where it lessens the harshness and it has a different presentation of treble. It’s a bit harder to explain. I don’t think it would be worth getting both lamb and protein

Has anyone tried going to a flat pad like the Shure 1540 on a set of Argons? I read a lot about using them on stock T50s, but not post Modhouse magic.

If you find their treble to be a bit strong, I would highly recommend the ZMF Oval Cowhide pads. They work wonders on my t60s in that regards. The thick leather also pumps up the bass quite a bit as well, so if that is the sound signature you are going with I could not recommend the ZMF pads enough.