Modhouse Argon or Sundara

Because of the quarantine, I have be updating my system. ( after reorganizing my garage and house).
For now, staying single ended, I ordered Dt 880, Kph 30i, Blon Bl-03 to go along with my hd600. I want to have a variety of different typed to see what I like. I also order a Lyr 3. My musical taste runs the gamet except for classical but my favorite is southern rock. Thanks

I feel like it would depend on what type of sound you are going for, the sundara and argon are very different headphones for pretty different purposes imo

What do you like about your current headphones, and what would you change about them?

The hd600- love the mids but the top is rough and basically no bottom but there is just something about them that I like. I ordered the 880 for a different flavor. I know the Sundara is a V sound and smooth while the Argons I think are more exciting. Which will give me the greater sound difference compared to what I have?

Sundara is imo more neutral bright, whereas the argons are a pretty heavy v imo. I think the most different from what you have would be the argons with fairly boosted low end and pretty wide sound if you are looking for more of an opposite sound

Thanks. Since I don’t have my 880’s yet, I didn’t know if they would be too close to the Argons

So imo the 880 (if 600 ohm) would actually be closer to the sundara imo in terms of signature. The 880 600 is also neutral bright imo (but of course there are differences as well)

Did not know that. Thanks. For now, the Argons. Appreciate you taking the time.

the most notiicable difference I find between a headphone like the sundara and the 880 would be the driver type both drivers will have a different texture to it the sundara will be tighter and is a faster driver while the 880 is a dynamic so the bass quality sounds a bit looser and will have a different quality in terms of presentation and timbre

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The Argies would probably do more justice to Southern Fried Rock than the Sundaras. I’ve never tried the ‘Gons but, going off how others describe them, and my own experience with Sundaras, I’d say that they might be too “airy” for you. Not airy like a cool breeze, but more like, airy like you’re listening to a radio at low volume just a few feet away from you. That being said, they are a pleasant-sounding headphone, truly a unique experience but they wouldn’t be my first choice. My MMX300s fill the gap when I want boom-boom immersion, but when I want to just chill… the Sundaras are good for that.

Side note: Listening to Sundaras while drunk is TRUE blissss :ok_hand:

The Helios is a new headphone thats just come out 180$. Dynamic. has a U or V shape and is very detailed like a high end headphone. Has great speed, desperation, imaging. sounds very open and exciting. I love it and think its great. I think you would like it:

Someone needs to message linsoul for you and tell them to make you their spokesperson for the helios lmfao. anyway @rulery going to second this statement that the sundara is definitely a Neutral Bright headphone and argons are a much stronger V signature. If your already getting an 880 the argons would be the better compliment

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lol I thought it was an ad! Thanks for the recommend Antpage2.0 but my Sundaras and MMX (and Pandas) are enough.

You guys think this is a joke. But this is a truly great headphone. Its ground breaking. I love it and i think anyone would happy to own one

lol I was joking with ya ant it’s just you recommend that everytime I look haha. Very glad you enjoy the headphone though

Thanks for all the replies. Looked at the Helios and … people don’t seem to like it, what few reviews there are and its sound signature is not going to get me something different. If I had the money, I would buy both the Argon and the Sundara but I first must replace my old fully modded DI/O dac. Thinking of the 1321. It should blend nicely with the Lyr3/ CV181-T tube.

There’s a lot of hype and hate and middling reviews of it right now . It’s super new I would personally wait like a month or 2 for the dust to settle before making any proper judgement based on reviews to be honest or if you can wait until it shows up on Amazon and buy it then so if you don’t like it you can return it hassle free

Even if it gets good reviews down the road, it is not different enough for me at this time