Modhouse T60rp Argon

Just saw this off the Modhouse site they can modify the T60rp into Argons. I would think they would be better than the Argons mk3. Anyone heard these?



I wonder if they tune it to sound like a normal argon but you end up with a wooden backed argon

Have had mine for 6months or so. I think I was one of his first. Was not on website yet when I ordered.

Can you compare them to any others or give us some flavorful words as to how they differ from the unmoded version? I purchased a pair only to have to send them back because they came in broken and am wondering if I should bother trying for a second working pair.


I think so. They sound better. But I don’t think as much proportionately as the tr50 mod

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Wider soundstage, increased bass thump. I didn’t get his recommended pads tho. It’s worth it for the comfort upgrade to me if nothing else.


I would love to see Zeos review these and compare them the Argon T50 Mk. III. It would be very interesting and helpful.


What are you using to drive them? Everything I watch or read about Argons is that they are VERY hard to drive.

lyr3. has plenty of juice for them. they are easy to drive but hard to drive well. you can actually drive them off of about anything. but to get the bass and mids and soundstage to really open up you need more juice.

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I have a Schiit Vali 2. I want to order a pair of the T60 Argons but I’m not sure if my amp will drive them sufficiently. I guess I can try it and if it doesn’t do a great job, that gives me an excuse to buy a new amp.

it wont drive them well i dont think, but something like a hersey would probably do ok. emotiva basx even better. the biggest thing with the argons, is getting an amp. its not the cheapest headphone to start and then you need a quality amp to get the most out of them. the emotiva will do the job, but there are better for more money that make them sound better. the emotiva has the power, but it is only ok as a “musical” amp. its still first and foremost a speaker amp.

asgard3 would be interesting to hear paired with the argons. i think it might have just enough juice to get em going good.

edit: if i was personally looking at the asgard3 vs emotiva basx, i would choose the asgard3. i tinker a lot and build various electronics, but the jumper scenario with the basx is just to sketchy to me. and it does not play well with non argons(or equals) as that is now a crap ton of juice going to the headphone port. YMMV

i just dont think these headphones are worth it anymore. There are better headphones out there now at the same price that are better sounding and easier to drive.

It’s subjective. I still think argon’s represent a good value. You can get other headphones that do things better, but what you get over all is great. It’s an fps God headphone and does well with music. That’s not an easy combo to achieve at it’s price. Just my thoughts.

isnt FPS - frames per second? you mean your using it for gaming?

In that case it’s for first person shooter.

Wondering about that too

Drop just listed the THX AAA 789 for $299 so I jumped on that. I’ll need a DAC but I couldn’t pass up that sale price for the 789. I’m backing my way into a set of Argons but that price was too good to pass up.

that should have enough juice. u will have to get a balanced cable. it doesnt come with balanced. and yes first person shooter. the sound stage is huge and precise.

Thanks for your advice. Very much appreciated.