Modi and Magni stack vs Btr5k?

Hey, im new to this forum and i thought it might be a good place to start getting some answers on a few questions i had.

One of my major issues was that im hardstuck at the btr5k, since the JDS LABS atom, is currently only delivering to my country with FedEx, and we all know how those packages usually go and, if i wanted to get a decent Amp apart from that, that would actually benefit me from the BTR5K id have to spend much more, until i stumbled upon the shiit magni and modi stack.

The problem im currently having is that im not actually sure if this will benefit me any more than my already existing btr5k would. Ive seen some discussions online stating it wouldnt, but wanted to check.

I’m planning on pairing it up with the Argons if possible, as i dont actually listen to music that loud, the max that i ever listen to is 95db, which is already pretty painful. Im also planning to pair it up with some other headphones like the hd 6xx or some generally mid ranged headphones, like some dt 1990 and more in that kind of range.

So, is the upgrade to the shiit entry level stack worth the money over the btr5k,
or more importantly, can it even push the Argons, and can even the btr5k possibly be enough for the argons?

btr5 will run argons. just about any amp will. it will not however, run them well at all. bass will be sloppy and max volume wont be super loud. dynamics will suffer. btr5 is a better dac, but the schiit amp will get you much better results with the argons. you really want 1watt+/channel for argons to start showing their true potential.

thank you! yeah, it was clear to me the btr5k had no chance, so the shiit magni and modi are good enough for it to actually sound decent?

also, do you maybe know the actual technical details of the argons? ive since seeing them not been able to find any except the actual t50rp which are 50 ohms at 92 db/mw

and lastly. are there any better deals in the price range of the shiit stack to pair with the argons? just making sure im not wasting my money

the dac is subjective. lots of dacs with different sounds around that price range. amp wise for the argons though, you got the schiit and jds labs. not much else with as much power in that price range. the xduoo mt 602 is same price, but has a little less power.

also consider getting a dac down the road if you have any dac already to use and get something like an asgard3 that has more power.

thanks! ive decided that im probably going to get myself the asgard 3 + the modi
(dont know how well that’ll work but seems promising)

this thread was a great help :D.

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the modi is a solid dac. some people like it, some don’t. just like all parts. that should be a very solid setup for argons.

edit: i use last generation modi + lyr3 for mine. and this generation modi is regarded better over all.

Ah the lyr… they look awesome tbh
the only issue ive found about the asgar though is that it sadly only supports 3.5 single end

Ill have to look into the differences in sound if there are any for the argons…

Depends where you are but It’s probably easier to get topping stuff or something like the fiio k5 pro if you can’t get jds labs, aliexpress stores usually ship globally.

Over here no amp is really easy to get except some generous fiio stuff…
I did see the k5 pro but i dont think thats gonna cut it for the argons though…