Modius DAC alternative?

I have ordered the Asgard 3 amp for my DT 1990 pros, but unfortunately, the modius DAC that I wanted to get is out of stock. Are there any good or better alternatives that I can get instead?

I am curious as well. I tried the K5 pro today with my DT 1990 pro’s and came away unimpressed. I am probably going to go down the same road as you and order an Asgard 3 but the dang Modius out of stock is holding me back.

I have seen the topping E30 as a recommendation.

It’s been out of stock for the past 2 months, and it isn’t looking too good stock wise for the future either. The E30 is another good dac but that’s also out of stock. Modius is available in the US but I think we have to pay import tax on that and also customs, it may end up being worth even more than a dt 1990 pro that way.

I have used both an E30 and a Soncoz LA-QXD1 with my Asgard 3. Both sound great. The Soncoz is probably more directly comparable with the Modius with the balanced outputs. I’ve never A-B tested either of them with the Modius.

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Sadly also out of stock here in the UK. The only DACs available here are the pricey ones, I would rather get those from here than pay the same price to get a modius from US.

If you don’t need balanced or bluetooth, and don’t mind the touchscreen/digital display… Then I recommend the Topping E30. It looks really nice and, in my limited experience, sounds great with the Asgard 3. I’ve read other people say that the E30 pairs well with A3 since the DAC itself is extremely neutral-sounding. I also did read at least one review on this forum which suggests that the E30 and Modius sound close enough that it would be hard to tell the two apart.

Sorry to hear that! Frustrating! Maybe consider the used market? Also could post a “want to buy” in the buying/selling thread here in Hifi guides. Maybe a forum member in the UK is ready to part with their DAC?

I’ll look into that, used markets. Thanks.