Mojo + Poly thoughts?

So, I was able to get a really good deal on a Mojo a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been using it a ton, and I absolutely love the thing. So, Mojo owners, do you have the Poly?

Sell me on it? Or, dissuade me from getting one.

What price do you thought would be a good deal on a Poly?

What’s the sound quality like vs wired OTG from an iPhone?

I had a Mojo/Poly, and when it worked the way it was supposed to it was awesome. For starters, the setup sucks and that seems to be a pretty universal complaint. You’ll also need a DLNA player like Glider to play lossless over wifi, but that was a great feature to me once I got it working. All in all, if you can find one for around $300-$350 and know going in that the setup will be frustrating, I think that’s a solid price. Once you have it working you really shouldn’t need to worry about it again. I had issues when I wasn’t on a network with my personal hotspot, but I can’t tell if that was my phone or the Poly acting up. As much as I disliked some things about it, it hasn’t completely dissuaded me from doing it all over again with a Hugo 2 + 2go, so take that for what its worth

You can find better things at cheaper prices these days, the Mojo and Poly was great for it’s time.

When it comes to the mojo I would disagree, it’s still a very high preforming portable at it’s price point and still something I personally still prefer over some of the cheaper options, but the poly is really expensive for what it is

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Sorry, I meant that specifically for the Poly! The Mojo however I agree!

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i second that. I also own a Dethonray Honey H1 now and one of the first things i got from it was, that i appreciate my Mojo even more now. I have my Mojo since 2018 and i’ve used him like every day. Especially in 2019, where i did daily walks in the park. I was always satisfied with the sound and just knew and heard that it’s way bettern than other stuff. I attached it to my IOTAVX with Br03s and - interestingly - i didn’t like it. But why? Because there was so much air and detail, it made my nervous. It wasn’t a perfect match… not everything is always.

What I’m hearing is: I should just enjoy my Mojo and not worry about getting the Poly.

as @M0N said, it’s really expensive for what it does. Since it don’t own it, i can’t really answer your question, sorry. But look at it this way: in my country (germany) the poly is exactly the same price as a Dethonray Honey H1!! For what? High-res-audio from an SD-card? (well ok, that’s legit) Bluetooth… for an audiophile solution?! (no-no for me in general) Or for using it as a streamer at home? (you can do the same with a Raspberry Pi …) The Poly is an odd one for me. It’s an add-on that costs way more than the component itself. And though i really, really dig the look of a full Mojo+Poly combination, especially in a leather case (that’s really bad ass…) i couldn’t be bothered enough to buy it, the price puts me off enough. I’d rather spend the same money on a second mobile dacamp, or new IEMs, or new Headphones, or… maybe like something like a smoking, whiskey and cigars to enjoy life while listening to your Mojo…

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