Moniter headphones/ video production headphones?

So im looking a set of headphones for monitoring and video editing around the 200$ price mark,right now I’m considering the Sony 7506 and the MDR-CD900st, but i was wondering can anyone back it up or offer other headphones.

Haven’t heard the cd900st, but those with a pad swap are highly recommended.

For a monitoring/editing closed back I reccomend the audio technica m40x, you can pad swap these as well if you want more comfort or a different sound.

My open back recommendation goes to the sennheiser hd560s, keep in mind it comes with a 3 meter cable only (there are cheap replacement cables on amazon).

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They are very common for your described task.

HD-25 Pro and AKG K-271’s are also often seen in studios.

Not a fan of on ear but i have heard that the HD 25 are good.

I’d get DT770s for detail listening and mixing.

I’ve owned/tried a few. Currently I have Beyerdynamic DT770-80s, Shure SRH840s and Beyerdynamic DT250-80s.

Shure’s are very flat & honest - but super boring. They are objectively decent for monitoring but I don’t enjoy them (maybe that’s ok) comfort isn’t great for my huge head either. You could manage a decent first pass mix on them before going to monitors.

DT770s hype the low and high end. They are decent at detail - but if you care about the mix I wouldn’t rely on them. Good soundstage for a closeback. These are quite comfortable. I use them the most due to comfort. At my company these are the default cans given to all sound engineers & sound designers - so they can’t be so bad?

DT250s are a bit dark/veiled and have no soundstage at all. They’re comfy and I liked them for listening to mid focused stuff - but I never trusted them for a mix.

Audio Technica m50/m40 etc… never understood why these get referred to as monitoring headphones. The sound is not what I’d look for in a Monitor & I’ve never seen them in a studio.

Senn HD 25 - built like a tank, uncomfortable. For DJ use, or action oriented field recording they might be a good choice - mixing not so much.

Sony 7506 - it’s been a long time since I heard these, but I recall them having minimal soundstage & loose bass. I think they were the gold standard (aka good enough, cheap enough and durable enough) for a long time but things have passed them since.

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Thanks man really helps out. I work in video production but its nice to know what folks in the music studio find good.

Thankfully Iv’e got more than a few headphones to cover fun and everything else so ill most likely focus on comfort and accuracy, might even end up buying two just for the hell of hit since they hit the 250 mark which is still reasonable