Monitor Audio Speakers

Has anyone heard of this brand?
Looks interesting and fairly affordable across its whole range

They are pretty good, I think their higher end lines are a bit pricey for what they are, but their bronze and silver lines are pretty great

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Hi PABastien,

I have the MA BR2 paired with an Emotiva TA-100. I really like how they sound for a small room ~20m2.
I like how the vocals sound. Very crisp & clear. It really depends how you place them in the room. I placed them on a Q Acoustics - Concept 20 Stand and sounds better than on my desk. You need to leave some space for them to breathe. If they are too close, the sound is somehow muffled. Unfortunately for me , I don’t have enough space to move away with my desk from them :slight_smile: , but positioning away from them, I can spot the difference.
On the lower end, the bass is not that heavy. I left the bass&treble on 0 from the TA-100 as a recommendation :slight_smile: , but depending on the taste you may want / or don’t , some extra bass.
You can also check Zeos review.

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