Monitors <400$ for nearfield listening

Hello, I’m looking for a pair of speakers to hook up to my PC and a turntable. I’ll be using them in my bedroom mainly listening at lower volume. I’ve came across the 305P and the T5V which both seem like a good deal. Which one is suited better for nearfield listening at low to medium volume ?

Hmmm, what type of music are you listening to, and do you have a preference for sound signature?

Mainly electronic music and occasionally the rest of the genres.I don’t have a preference for sound signature, I think that the Adams have a really good flat neutral sound and the JBLs have a good price/performance ratio.

Hmmm, I would say Adam here then as imo it’s got more punch and impact, and the tweeter can handle a quicker pace, so that would be my choice imo. Also perhaps consider the tannoy gold 5, that is pretty nice too

And could you give me your opinion on a setup such as: T5V, ATH LP120x TT , Topping D10 and the Mackie Big Knob Passive.The only question is being the controller being passive, will there be enough gain (ie will the whole system go loud enough).I can provide some specs to look into.

I have experience with all those components so no problems. The topping d10 should so the job just fine imo, most studio monitors are made to be controlled without a powered preamp and can work will passive monitor controls. I think in the future you could upgrade your dac with like an enog 2 pro or su 8 and run balanced through the big knob passive, but the d10 should be just fine imo, you can adjust the gain on the monitors if needed

I’ve asked other people and said that the output level of the turntable is not enough. It’s line out is rated only to 240 mV and the 305P (alternative speakers) can only give you 92 dB SPL @ 1 m at -10 dBV, which is 316 mV. For example, to drive the 305P to its full rated output, it needs 2 V input, which means a gain of 2/0.24 = 8.3X = 18 dB. I’m not good with figures and dB since I recently got into audio so I’ll ask once again your opinion.

So hold on, that has a built in preamp correct?

Yes it does.

You should be fine then imo, although admittedly I haven’t used it with powered monitors but you should still be fine if you set the gain on the speakers accordingly

That’s good new after all. Do you have the same TT and if so what speakers do you have connected to it ?

I don’t have the tt, but I have heard it before in a few setups, same with the t5v and d10, but I do own a big knob passive. If you want to see what I own you can check my profile

Thank you for your fast replies. I find my issue to be really annoying as nobody has given me a concrete answers. I think I’ll get everything I just mentioned and if needed I’ll add later on a ProJect Phono Box.

So if it’s not loud enough, I wouldn’t add a phono pre to a turntable that already has a preamp, I would instead invest in a different turntable that’s passive and get a phono pre as well. You should be fine as long as you adjust your volume gain on the monitors based on the turntable for your current turntable

Coming again with another question, what do you think about the Mackies mr624 in comparison to the Adams ? Do they sound better at low volume as Zeos says or the difference isn’t that noticeable ?

They are solid, but imo I think the jbl 305p mk2 actually preform a bit better at lower volume from my experience if you are super worried about it. The main reason the low volume concern with the adams is the AMT tweeter, but from my experience they do preform fairly well at normal listening levels (not loud), but they are slightly meh at very low levels (like if you have them this low it would be hard to actually hear all the music anyway). If you do listen at very low levels, perhaps the Mackie or the 305p would be more your style, but otherwise I would stick with the adams

Thank you one again. And as an alternative for the Big Knob do you think anything like this would do or just stick to the Big Knob ?

You would want to stick with something that can control volume so I would stick with something like the big knob

Oh yeah crap I just saw the knob and thought that it is a volume knob sorry :smiley: