Monolith 789 portable will it work in ps4?

Wondering if Monolith THX 788 portable can be used on ps4?

PS4 has Toslink output and 789 THX portable should have digital 3.5mm Optical input.
So yes, should work.

Yup you would just need to get the mini toslink connector to allow you to plug in optical to the portable


Just throwing a somewhat pointless pedantic correction… the portable uses the THX 78 chip/circuit design, not to be confused with the THX 788.

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Love how the key has extreme in it. :metal: :skull: :metal:
THX is an extreme sport.

Which one is the portable?

The 788 is the desktop dac and amp combo, the 887 is the new desktop amp only, the 78 is the portable thx

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