🔷 Monolith Liquid Gold X

This is the official thread for the Monolith Liquid Gold X

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • USB, Coax, Toslink, RCA & XLR inputs, XLR and 1/4 inch headphone out
  • AKM4493, 3.9w @ 56 ohms BAL, 1.1w se
  • Adjustable gain and input, dac amp combo

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Z Reviews…


IMO, it’s going to face some stiff headwinds in that $1000 dollar price range. Looking forward to reviews by some of the usual suspects.

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Yeah, it’s pricier than the Liquid Plat stack. Still curious about it tho.

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There are just about NO reviews around for it.

I’ll be honest I get a bit confused between Cavalli Audio and Mono products that use Cavalli’s name. The original LAU was supposed to be a legendary $6k SS amp ( I never heard it)… Then Mono gets ahold of some products and slaps his name on it. I heard the Liquid Platinum and it was a slightly better Lyr but nothing that special.

I have no idea what to think about the Liquid Gold is it a rebadged LAU that you get get for pennies on the original MSRP dollar. Or is this just a find amp that they slapped a great badge on to move some units?

The monoprice products are designed by Cavali and last I saw him post he has complete control over what components can be used in the liquid Gold.
Obviously the monoprice products are built to a price, which means they get SIMD components and use a switching mode brick, but they are Cavali products.
Cavali posts occasionally on head-if and SBAF, the liquid gold X is a less powerful version of the Liquid gold topology, without a discrete PSU and with what most would consider lower quality components.