Monolith Liquid Platinum vs Lyr+..?

Can anyone compare these, whoever has/had both? Big discount on MLP now, so I ordered one.

Nice to see MLP back down to 2020 prices. MLP was my first big amp jump up from Asgard 3. It’s warm, smooth, quite holographic, and has some decent dynamics. It also has a bit of midrange emphasis that doesn’t match well with all headphones. Audeze, Hifiman, Senn, Beyer all sound pretty good. Focal, Fostex, and some others are hit and miss. It doesn’t have quite the drive you need if you’re thinking HE6 series tho. The potentiometer is a bit splashy and non linear (big volume jump around 10-11:00) and you basically have to used the balanced headphone output…doesnt really matter if you use balanced or single ended inputs tho.

The new Lyr is probably a better amp tho, as MLP is probably what, 5-6 yo now and at that price is likely showing its age. Cheaper and easier to tube roll the Lyr because it has only 1 tube. But the lack of balanced input on that thing severely limits DAC pairing options. I’ve been reminded of that again while working on some mid-fi dac reviews past few days. There are precious few dacs around the Lyr’s price that will give it the performance it deserves via SE connection. That’s still an advantage MLP has, IMO.

Clear as mud? Lol. For me the chain of OG BF2 + MLP + Edition X V2 was one of those “Well, this changes everything” moments, FWIW.


Ah, I didn’t know Lyr+ was SE input only. Why do you say to use the bal jack over SE? Better volume control?

Thanks! (:

The SE headphone output only uses one of the amplifiers from the balanced design. You get half the output power and it also sounds soft and less resolving in comparison, to my memory anyway. The MLP is one of the poster children for why balanced designs sound better when used balanced. However, it’s fine to use the SE INput. That doesn’t circumvent the balanced circuitry.

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Ok. Last question - X9000, Aperio, or some rando planar setup?

LOL. I haven’t heard those…yet. Will fix at least one soon, but am not saying which one on this thread right now :wink:

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“Newer = better!” But is it…? :thinking:

Is BF2 your fav DAC under $1000 atm? Have you heard a Holo May yet? :slight_smile:

At the price point that’s being discussed, generally yes. Ton of improvement has been had in the sub-$1000 category of both amps and DACs in the last 5 years.


Ah. Interesting… New tricks, efficiencies, and alternate methods being developed, eh.

What are some DAC & amp models that have the most of these improvement technologies(that lead to better sound)?

Am I the only one here who gets unreasonably stoked when I hear a reviewer whose opinions I’ve learned to respect is working on new reviews for products I am absolutely not in the market to buy?

Just checking.