Monolith MM-5R Speakers

Haven’t seen these before, seem pretty interesting, could be nice

Also looking for reviews or impressions on these or the MM-5s. Currently looking at the Tuks but am curious how these compare at half the price.

I have these connected to my computer.

I would be terrible at making a proper review, and I haven’t had a chance to really audition them properly.

The first thing I found is that the DAC does only 24bit/96k. When I tried to connect them to the Monolith THX AAA AMP/DAC through RCA there was a constant hum. I have gotten some new cables to see if somehow the cables were at fault.

The default speaker cable is the most basic speaker cable ever, but it does accept banana plugs, so I ordered some higher quality cables.

They sound good, and are loud. I feel the positioning is not great. they might be too close to the wall and there’s a lot of echo feeling. I have them on 10" stands and the sound feels like it’s coming from the top screen, so a smaller stand may be preferred. They do come with wooden stands that tilt the speakers in case they are not in risers.

When I have a chance of give them some good tests, I will comment more about them.

Apologies, I’m sure this is not what you were hoping for in terms of proper review. To be honest I’ve only been able to use them for about 3 hours since I got them. I started spending more time upstairs and unable to appreciate them as they should be.

I do have a sub connected to them. It does add a little, but the sub is…well…horrible. It’s the 6.5" sub that comes included with the Monoprice 5.1.4 speaker set. I have it at max volume and…yeah not earth shattering at all, just the casual thump. I wanted to try with a 10" sub, but it might be too much for the room as well…

The MM3 in comparison look like little babies

I was looking into the Tuks, and figured these looked similar at half the price. I’m really looking forward to properly audition them but I’m wondering what that hum was all about…

Hey I was wondering how you were feeling about your MM-R5’s! I currently use the TUKS and dont think I have nearly the same issues as you but am wondering if I may have over spent.

Do you think you would probably upgrade from yours in the future? (If thats the case I’ll probably keep mine haha)

I love them and they’re powerful. I put them on their sides and now the sound is perfectly aligned with the main screen. They do have some thump, and, from listening at the MM-3, which I have in the bedroom setup, I can say the speakers definitely sound VERY clear. The AMT tweeter sounds really good. I can push them hard but they get really loud. I love the aesthetics of the tuks but at half the price, I couldn’t pass these. But since I don’t have the tuks to compare with, I can’t say. Now, I currently still have them going through USB, as there is no interference. I installed new RCA cables and messed with the remote over the weekend. I also compared them to the Klipsch THX 2.1 and the klipsch has more punch due to the sub being better.

In terms of sound, the Klipsch are a little fatiguing and the MM5-R are not. The MM5-R also sound more open. and wide, and the sound stage is pretty large.

I will keep the group posted as I play with it further

to your original question; would I ever upgrade? I’d certainly get something else to compare with, and, you know, looking for end game