Monolith (Monoprice) K-BAS still worth it in 2020?

Hey are the Monolith (Monoprice) K-BAS still worth it in 2020? also what cheep speaker amplifiers would you recomend

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Hmm, wonder what they sound similar too. 4 pairs of those might sound glorious in a atmos setup. Can they be set to full range ?

Well their pretty damn cheep nowdays over here in Aus I can get a set cheeper then the neiemi bs5 or mica rb42 so I recon I’ll pull the trigger my only problem is powering them and the size

Inch deeper than rp-600m. Saw the zreview, got to throw power at them.

yeah he was saying about 100 watts of the top of my head

Think he recommended 60w get that headroom with 100w. Hopefully someone will chime in i need a cheap amp to power L/R for HT.

i was thinking of getting the emotiva bass x but its only 50w per channel so maybe something from crown

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I enjoy pairing mine with the Emotiva BassX And they make for a great desktop set-up and work well across the board with multiple genre’s, while still maintaining some heft on the bottom end and sounding clean. They scale ok and get a little bit better with more quality amplification but personally i don’t think it’s worth the expense to go much past what the Emotive does at 50watts in a near field set-up.

I did NOT enjoy them as much set up in proper listening room set -up in a medium to large room setting. (16x20x8 and 24x16x18) They sound great (To me) though in smaller rooms.

They have really decent cross-overs, the transmission line design works as advertised and does what it supposed to. I really like the Beryllium tweeters they use very much and they do not fatigue me.
Overall, a very solid performer at its price, and better than many other more popular and heavily reviewd speakers on the net IMHO that i was able to listen and compare with…I’m not a professional so YMMV :hugs:

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Looking to crown myself for home theatre. Anybody run crown XLi800 or should i go behringer A800 ?

thanks good to know the bassX would work well, if i get it i guess i wont need to buy my monitor stand anymore ha

Due to pricing and avalability i am now going to be getting a baringer A800 as its going pretty cheep (the Crown XLS 1002 is double its price) and the emotive amplifier is nice but its slightly less power then i wanted and i wasnt able to find it for the price i wanted, also for those wondering im going these larger amplifiers over a small one as it will double as a cool looking monitor stand ahaha


scrumdiddlyumptious! Report back on your experience. torn between A800 or the crown XLS.