Monolith Ported 10"

Wise decision for a 2.1 desk setup? everything below 70hz-50hz will go to the sub, and i plan on playing a mix of audiophile music, normal music, and hard hitting car audio bass music on this setup.

Link to setup; Sound Setup - PCPartPicker

Budget; $500.

Looking for tight bass, that can hit <20hz notes.

Chose this over the SVS PB-1000 because of the monolith sub having more dynamic power/rms power, fitting my setup wiring setup better and looking better.


Have to say the Monolith is much, much better looking than the PB-1000.
SB-2000 Pro in piano black, that’s another story but then again. It’s cost’s more but more toys.
Then again around the corner are Rythmik subs in similar range.

It’s not always about the power. :slight_smile: Sometimes it is but not always.
There are subs that only have 150w rated amps and still reach <20hz notes easy.
Not in the 500$ range.

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