MonoPrice Dark Matter 49" Monitor

Does anyone have experience with this monitor? If so, what’s you thoughts?

I don’t have experience with this monitor, but I do have quite a bit of knowledge on the computers as a whole.

Given that, I see no reason not to buy it… if it is what your looking for in a monitor. Here are some pros and cons that I can give you based on the specs and skimming a couple of reviews:


-She’s a wide gal, ~50" is ginormous, great for productivity

-120hrz refresh rate, not the highest refresh rate, but much better than 60hrz and nothing to scoff at

-VA panel, better blacks and contrast ratios when compared to TN and IPS panels

-1440p, higher pixel density then 1080p so the image is clearer, and lower pixel count then 4k so it’s easier to drive

-Matte finish to reduce glare, pretty common, but the alternative, glossy, can be a huge pain

-Decently well covered color space

-Curved, more immersive

-It has a samasung panel, which is a very well known manufacturer on monitor panels(screens)

Cons/things to keep in mind:

-She’s a wide gal, requires a lot of desk space

-At $900 if you want high refresh rates you could do much better than 120hrz, but probably with a smaller screen

-It’s a VA panel, so smearing of blacks can be an issue, but usually isn’t very noticeable on current day implementations of VA technology

-It’s 5120x1440 so you’ll need a decent graphics card to play demanding games on it, and if you have a low spec rig just getting it to full resolution could give you some issues

-Is not a common resolution, so not all applications/games will support the full width of it and you might end up with black bars on the sides

-It only does 8 bit color(with some optimization, but still not 10bit), that means a lower color space, depending on what you want to use this for it could matter(or not!)

-Only a 1800R curve, so when looking it dead on the sides might be a slightly blurry since 1800R is less curved then the human eye

-Peak brightness is only 400-nits, that’s enough to see things even with sun light coming through a window, but not nearly enough for anything, but the lowest tier of HDR

-Of course probably the biggest con is Monoprice sells it, so if you have any issues customer service may or may not do anything for you

That’s all I got, but here is a small summary of what tasks this monitor is great, and just good for(it’s not bad at anything really). It’s great for productivity because of the massive screen you’ll have to work with, it’s also decent for gaming at 120 hrz and 4ms response times(the response time isn’t great or bad, just decent), and last of all it’s decent for color accurate work given it’s coverage of the sRGB space. Here’s what it isn’t the best for, gaming you could get lower response times and up to 360hrz refresh rates for this price, but on a much smaller screen. It isn’t good with HDR, so top tier cinema is out of reach. It isn’t 10bit color so if you work with stuff that requires the highest precision of colors(photography and cinemaphotography), something else might suit you better. Overall, seems like a decent buy given you ok with the down sides, and the upsides are the stuff that matters for what you plan on using it for. Note when I say down sides I mean trade offs, that’s just how the computer market is. Higher refresh rate or lower screen size? Super color accurate and an HDR god or decent color accuracy and much cheaper? It’s all about what you want to use it for.

Sorry for the novel, I just hope I helped answer any questions you might of had. Good luck on your monitor hunt!

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Thank you for taking the time for me on this. Was a great over view.
I don’t do much gaming at all. This monitor would be to replace my triple 24" screens ( I use to do racing games a lot) and now I am just use to the real-estate (Files open on the left, Foobar on the right. browser in the middle).My current computer is on the older side Intel 15-3570k with 8 gig of memory. My GPU is a Radian MSI RX 570 with 4 gig of memory. Do you think this monitor would be to much for my current system? Again, thank you for taking the time to put this together for me.

So, the tv in my room is 50” and im about 7ft from it and it still does feel big. Any closer and you are doing neck exercises looking from one corner to the other. The form factor is different but its still a consideration. Make a cardboard template to help visualize.

I dont know much about curves but at that size it seems more helpful unless youre going to be using the monitor way off center.

I still prefer ips to va, but i dont think it will be a noticible difference at this point and even side to side there are so many variables its really implementation and panel used. Just not TN.

If its all desktop and UI and not gaming then i think youre fine. Older cards and pcs did have restrictions to resolution and which cables could do what so it may be worth the check as board partners all did this different.

For what you are using it for i think you can probably grab a 60fps monitor for much less. Or two 1440p monitors. I know im older school but i like separate monitors as it helps windows snap and you can do one in portait, but win 10 may have done things to help this. Also consider your future uses.

I think a bit here comes down to your personal preferences. I like the two monitors as baffles dont bother me and i really treat it as 1 main monitor and 1 helper. For some a baffle or any mismatch is maddening, not even bringing in unit variance. And for content creation i would like 1 monitor and 1 calibration.

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Your gpu might struggle on newer racing titles. That being said, as long as your willing to lower the graphics settings and play at less than 120fps, then this is still a decent choice. Other then when you play games you pc will probably have zero issues running this monitor. It’s always an option to get this now and upgrade your gpu later so that your racing games look the best they can. Again I don’t think your pc will struggle to feed this monitor unless your gaming, so your probably all good. Window snapping to have three windows open side by side might require some extra software, but it is doable. Here is someone that did it using the free version of Display Fusion

Glad I helped, and let me know if you have any other questions!

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Well EBay just gave me a $45 coupon. I couldn’t resist. It didn’t even cover taxes, but it helped. I’ll let you know my thoughts. Thank you again for your guidance.

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No problem

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