Monoprice Liquid Spark Amazon Lightning Deal

The Liquid Spark is $87.99 on lightning deal right now for those looking to get one.

I picked up one during the lightning deal but so far I’m less than impressed with what I hear. From what I read it needs 100 hours “burnin” so I’m waiting patently for a change.

Ehhhh… I don’t know about that burn in claim. Maybe a couple of hours, but it still won’t change much. It’s more your ears burning in than a solid state amp

That was by the manufacturer.

I have never heard of burn in on an ampactually providing a change.

Well I have definitely for tube amps, but not on a solid state class d amp. Ive heard a slight burn in effect on a couple class a/b amps, but it was within the first couple hours.

From the Monoprice Liquid Spark manual.

Amplifier Break-In
• Most amplifiers need at least 100 hours of continuous music playback to reach their full sound signature.
• It is not necessary to set up a break-in period. The amp will change character as you listen normally and you will hear it evolve into its natural sound signature.
• If you do employ break-in, we recommend about 100 hours playing in continuous music mode with no headphones and the volume set to about 10 o’clock.
• We recommend you disconnect your headphones when not listening during this break-in period.
• After about 100 hours we do not recommend to keep the amplifier on constantly as this will shorten the life the components

How can you not be impressed? For such a low budget amp it’s quite amazing. When I a/b’d it against my Asgard 2 and a borrowed JDS Labs Atom it felt like an amazing in between of the two. To be able to have that slight warmth when it feels good instead of the overpowered warmth the Asgard gives and those clear highs but not overly pushed forward is an amazing feat! Such an awesome buy!

The spark is tempting but with a possibly new jds atom around the corner im thinking about waiting.

Well the regular atom is better measuring (and sounding imo) then the liquid spark anyway

True . I’m a bigger fan of the spark while not as clean as the atom I like the little bit of color it gives to headphones

And the build quality is nice

Like bass just hits harder with the LS and the treble roll off is nice with beyers

I’ve been following the manufactures advice about break-in both with music and just turning on the amp.
The mids and highs don’t seem as veiled and withdrawn as they did when I first got the amp.
I’m listening to Pink Floyd’s “Pigs” from their album Animals with my Drop HD6xx at the moment and it sounds quite good.
I’m sure I’ll keep the amp.

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I bought this amp two weeks ago. Monoprice has open box deals. I paid $80.00.

Shane D

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