Monoprice M1060 sounding flat or not as fun as they use to

So I’ve had the M1060 since they first came out and I remember them being some of the funnest sounding headphones I had (Fostex T50rp, Mayflower MOD), but I got the Senheisser HD650 in the mean time, I still enjoyed the T50rp I have, but the M1060 started sounding more and more dull to me. I’m wondering if they could be wearing out? I’ve tried everything, removed the foam (original mod), fuzzer mod, switched the pads to ZMF Auteur Suede, but it still sounds flat and dull to me (even claustrophobic). If I hadn’t taken off the pads and foam I’d try and contact Monoprice. Please advice.

DAC/Amp: Mayflower O2/ODAC Rev. B, Darkvoice SE, SMSL Sap VI, SMSL IDEA, FIO e10K
Headphones: Senheisser HD650, Fostex T50rp Mk III Mayflower Mod, Monoprice M1060, Beats Studio 3
IEM: Senheisser (series number wore off) and Tin T2

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It’s probably because you have heard more and gotten better at understanding sound imo. Have you gone long periods of time only using the m1060?

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That is just it, its as a planar compared to the T50rp MKIII (mod), my perception of them have not changed, but the bass on my M1060 has a little less bite and they don’t sound as open/wide anymore.

EDIT: Yes, after I got them, replacing my T50rp as my main and before I got my HD650. I still absolutely love my T50rp and its fun to switch between the HD650 and the T50rp. Also why I’m so hesitent about sending my T50 out to be made into Argons.

It happens, you hear more and your tastes change, I feel that it happens to most people

Agree with MON. Taste massively changes. I used to swear by my Grado’s. They are now well down the pecking order. You will notice that there are better headphones out there, but don’t forget your 1060s that helped getting you into the hobby.

Selling my HD598 this weekend. Going to be a sad day…

I decided to undo all the mods, except for removing the foam, clean them and put the old pads on and now they sound much better again almost on par with my HD650. In the mean time my T50rp MKIII are out for the Argon mod and I got a pair of HE4xx, and boy are they disappointing one of the reasons I went to work on my M1060. I’m hoping that the sheepskin pads I ordered for them make them more interesting.

Now sounds as low as 10hz sound a lot more meaty and nice, even if I feed power into my HE4xx the sound distorts that low, something the M1060 and my HD650 handly with a joy. I guess I got caught up in the hype of over modding the M1060, when for me all they needed was the rear foam removed.

On the HE4xx, its not that they bad, but they are way more neutral to my ears. Its really strange when the M1060 are described as neutral, but to me have way better guitar sound.

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Interesting, so you got tired of the mods lol

Yup, since sound memory is one of the worst kinds that humans have, I guess I killed the sound gradually without realizing it until I went back and compared them.